Reader asks What’s your ulterior motive for presupposing an ulterior motive?

Who does Mena know in RW? Why is this even being posted here? Just to get sympathy? Money? What?

Reader responds , “Ummm, probably because the RW Blog covers local, STATE, and national news? Up there at the top in the header right under the giant title “The Ridgewood Blog”. Also, because it’s a human-interest story, […]

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Democrat Van Drew Says No to “Jersey Shore Tax”

June 28,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, taxes are getting so outrageous in New Jersey even some Democrats are getting nervous . State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1) said he opposes a seasonal rental tax.
“This is something that I thought a lot of us had made clear, that there is an out-migration of people […]

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NJGOP Chairman Accepts Phil Murphy’s Challenge To Find “Reasonable” Alternative To Tax Increases

June 27, 2018

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Trenton NJ, This morning Governor Phil Murphy proclaimed that he can solve the budget stalemate in 30 minutes, and stated that “if folks have a reasonable, credible response,” he would be willing to “entertain” a different approach. NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt accepted the Governor’s challenge and offered a Republican […]

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Republican lawmakers hail U.S. Supreme Court striking down mandatory union fees

June 28,2018

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Trenton NJ, Assembly sponsors of Right to Work legislation praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision today that government workers cannot be required to pay union fees as a condition of working in public service.

“This decision restores free speech and freedom of association to every public school teacher and government […]

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Business Owners Concerned about Taxes and Affordability in New Jersey

June 27,2018
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MOUNTAINSIDE NJ  The Hugin for Senate campaign continued a statewide tour of roundtable events to discuss the affordability crisis gripping New Jersey and the impact of the proposed state budgets in Red Bank this morning.
Speaking to local business owners, Hugin discussed taxes, burdensome regulations, and healthcare with the group. […]

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Suspects in Fatal Stabbing of Bronx Teen Arrested in Paterson

June 27,2018

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Paterson NJ, Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes and Paterson Police Chief Troy Oswald announce that Jose Muniz, 21, of Paterson, Jose Taverez, 21, of Bronx, New York, Manuel Rivera, 18, of Bronx, New York, Danel Fernandez, 21, of Bronx, New York, Joniki Martinez, 24, of Freeport, New York, and […]

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Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney ,”New Jersey’s Democrats can’t even agree on how much to increase spending and how much to raise taxes; meanwhile the state careens ever faster toward financial disaster”

Let me try to put this year’s state budget insanity into perspective. Last year the Democrat Legislature shutdown the government because they were fighting over a $34.7 billion dollar spending plan, and this year they are fighting with Democrat Governor Phil Murphy over two spending plans: their plan to spend $36.5 billion and Murphy’s plan […]

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Andover Township Women With PSTD Raises Funds for Her Emotional Support Chickens

Meena Ganti

“I live in Andover township and I’m trying to keep my emotional support chickens. The town ordinance says that in order to have poultry you need 6 acres. We are not raising our chickens for a food source we are raising them for support animals. I have a doctor’s note saying that I need […]

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Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi Don’t believe the hype. We need to stop being a piggy bank

June 26,2018

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Rivervale NJ, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi had this report on the states budget negotiations, ” Fascinating conference call. I joined in the Democratic State Committee conference call with Governor Murphy 1-609-246-3298 to talk about the budget. There is a proposed spending increase of several billion dollars, tax increases on everything […]

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US Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Sales Tax For Online Purchases

June 24,2018

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Washington DC, US Supreme Court rules states can collect sales tax for online purchases nationwide . Online shoppers could find costs going up after the Supreme Court did away Thursday with a decades-old precedent limiting the ability of states to collect sales tax on certain out-of-state Internet purchases.

The 5-4 […]

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