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Reader says , ” I agree it is a dangerous town to drive in”

” I agree it is a dangerous town to drive in. First, I was at a red light to make a left under the railroad. When my light turned green, I moved into the intersection and the other driver went through the red light. The worst of it was that they were totally unaware of it. Good thing I was.
The next incident in town was the next street up from the railroad. I stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. A car came out of nowhere and passed me on me on the right, while the pedestrian was in the middle of the crosswalk. A Police Officer witnessed it and pulled the driver over.
A short time later, my Son was driving in that area waiting for a Pedestrian in the crosswalk. A car rear ended his car and he was injured. The driver was going fast.
I am not quite sure what has changed over the years. I always try to be accommodating to anyone on the road in general. Pedestrians must also be made aware that they need to give drivers ample time to stop and they should not just step out into the crosswalk unexpectedly. My best bet is to take a new way home. “

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RBSA Opening Day Parade and Family Fun Fair

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Parade will kick off from Wilsey Square on Saturday, April 27th at 9 am and finish at the Bandshell at Veteran’s Field where the first pitch will be thrown out to start the season. The Family Fun Fair will follow the Opening Ceremony. Come out and enjoy the day!

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Ridgewood Police and Ridgewood EMS Respond to an Alleged Distracted Driving Incident on Crest Road

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook Page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Distracted driving may have contributed to a early Wednesday evening, 04/10, crash in the 100 block of Crest Road, Ridgewood. A Jeep Wrangler mounted a curb and wiped out a utility pole. No injuries were reported in the crash, but the Jeep was heavily damaged and required removal from the scene by a flatbed tow truck. Ridgewood Police and Ridgewood Emergency Services responded to the incident. Utility companies were notified about the demolished pole.

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Reader says , “To claim that Ridgewood has a bad commute relative to other nice / safe / high quality of life suburban towns around NYC is simply not true”


“To claim that Ridgewood has a bad commute relative to other nice / safe / high quality of life suburban towns around NYC is simply not true. I have been commuting since 1986. When I commuted from Hoboken / Manhattan it was shorter but who wants to raise a family in Hoboken or Manhattan? And who can afford a neighborhood you would raise children in Manhattan other than Russian oligarchs and billionaires? The Ridgewood train is served by Main and Bergen lines making it uniquely more convenient than other train lines. Prior to the midtown connection some opted for the bus to PA so that new connection is yet another option making Ridgewood better than most other NYC commuter suburbs. I would be curious to what town(s) have such excellent train/bus service to NYC that it is cheaper and better than Ridgewood? Certainly not the LIRR or Metro North to Connecticut. I suppose Greenwich CT is OK but not noticeably better than Ridgewood and they have to switch to the 4-5-6 to get downtown so really that whole train service is heavily preferenced to midtown. Garden City LI for example is OK too I suppose but they have no choice but one line into Penn and then subway downtown which I guess is not as bad as coming down from Grand Central. At least we have about the same convenience to both midtown and downtown. And please tell me the suburban town that is so much cheaper and nicer with a fast convenient commute and high quality of life? Not near NYC, that is for sure. This is just another one of these things that the town-complainer posts stupid uninformed comments about in his or her eternal dislike of Ridgewood. I wish I had a dollar for every time this same person leaves a comment saying they are moving out. I think they do it 10 or 20 times a week. “

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Ars Musica Chorale Presents Gary Thor Wedow Master Class

the Staff of the Ridgewood Blog

RIDGEWOOD NJ,Conductor Gary Thor Wedow will coach a Master Class for Ars Musica Chorale’s Encore Young Artists on Wednesday, May 8th at Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, 113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ, from 7:00-10:00 pm. Come enjoy an intimate performance of beautiful opera arias sung by our soloists.

The Master Class is open for attendance by all. We encourage avocational choir members, aspiring student singers, and music lovers to attend and enjoy a peek behind the curtain at some of NY and NJ’s most talented musicians. So bring your friends! Light refreshments will be served.

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Reader Voices Serious Concerns At Ken Smith Crossing

“The Infamous bike lane is really prominent in the accompanying picture. It is rarely used by bikers( too dangerous), has compromised safe turns from Broad Street and West Ridgewood Avenue and unless it is completely removed and 2 lanes restored under the bridge going to the west side, the apartment complex going up at the old Ken Smith Motors site will create serious concerns at that intersection which is already bad enough.”

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Reader says, “Some of us have to get to work by train and have no option other to drive and park at the station”

What are we supposed to do? The lot is typically full before 6:45 am. Residents are just getting kicked around. Some of us have to get to work by train and have no option other to drive and park at the station.

Why didn’t the village preplan this and not issue non resident stickers to reduce the number of cars? There are ways to plan things. Really poor leadership, planning, and just a slap to commuters already stressed by a tough train ride

Unacceptable leadership we need a solution

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Reader calls taxing bags ,”just another money grab”

” I was happy with paper bags. Then they put handles on them and I was happier. Then, ‘they’ said that WE WERE destroying the rainforests and plastic bags became the rage – despite their lack of support. Then, supermarkets and Whole Foods-esque places asked ‘paper or plastic?’. Now, it’s plastic bad, paper better, reusable best. Oh, and we’ll tax/charge you to use the first 2 options. I don’t mind being charged by the market for bags, like Ikea would do, I’m not a fan of taxing. It’s just another money grab. Taxing bags is another in a year-long tax-a-thon – bags, rain, salons, signs, leaves (oh, that’s a fine, my bad) gas…on top of the $.23 that Christie adopted, weed. And the list goes on. “