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Valley Hospital named in Becker’s Hospital Review Names 100 Hospitals with Great Orthopedic Programs

Valley Hospital named in Becker’s Hospital Review Names 100 Hospitals with Great Orthopedic Programs
Chicago, Illinois (PRWEB) July 29, 2012

Valley Hospital of Ridgewood named in Becker’s Hospital Review 100 hospitals with great orthopedic programs across the country.

The editorial staff of Becker’s Hospital Review recognizes these hospitals as leaders in orthopedic treatment and research. To develop this list, the editorial team analyzed data from U.S. News & World Report, HealthGrades and Thomson Reuters, as well as the American Nurses Credentialing Center for Magnet status and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association for Blue Distinction status.

After examining rankings and accolades, the team performed additional research into each hospital and analyzed the list with industry experts. The final result is a list of 100 hospitals from across the country that have demonstrated continual innovation in orthopedic treatments and services. Additionally, the hospitals included emphasize patient-centered care and forward-thinking research.

About Becker’s Hospital Review Becker’s Hospital Review is a bimonthly publication offering up-to-date business and legal news and analysis relating to hospitals and health systems. Our content is geared toward high level hospital leaders, and we work to provide valuable content, including hospital and health system news, best practices and legal guidance specifically for these decision makers. Each issue of Becker’s Hospital Review reaches more than 18,000 people, primarily acute-care hospital CEOs and CFOs.

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Long-vacant “Town Garage” back on in the news again


As previously reported in reader commentary  : Urbanization of Downtown Ridgewood is coming

Massive development set to take place in the Central Business District


Long-vacant “Town Garage” back on in the news again

THURSDAY JULY 26, 2012, 1:49 PM

Village Council members are expected next month to resurrect a discussion initiated by the Ridgewood Planning Board, which has asked the governing body to review the stipulations and intentions of the North Walnut Street Redevelopment Area and Redevelopment Plan.

The Village Council will reopen discussions next month on what to do with the Town Garage property.

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Ridgewood News editorial: Get to Graydon this summer

photo taken by Alan Seiden at Graydon last year, 2011

Ridgewood News editorial: Get to Graydon this summer
FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2012

Graydon Pool officially opens for the weekend on Saturday, and we encourage all village residents to check out the pool this summer.

Residents should use Graydon as a ‘stay’cation, saving money while bonding with members of the community.

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Ex Chief Bombace looks to resuscitate image after behavior was blasted by judge in Reilly verdict

Ex Chief Bombace looks to resuscitate image after behavior was blasted by judge in Reilly verdict

Kevin Reilly alleged that he reported two incidents in which firefighter safety was compromised because of violations by his superiors.

The recent decision by Judge Menelaos W. Toskos reducing Firefighter Kevin Reilly’s 3.5 million dollar jury award to $500,000.00 told only half of the story.

Firefighter Reilly’s “whistle blower” claim that he and his colleagues were ordered to clean up an unknown chemical spill at The Valley Hospital was proven to be false during the court proceedings. The chemical had been identified by The Bergen County Hazardous Materials Team, which was called to The Valley Hospital at 7:30 PM on Sunday, August 12, 2007, at the request of the Fire Department, for what was then an unknown spill in the area of the Hospital Pharmacy. I was also called to the scene by the on duty Fire Captain.

The members of the Ridgewood Fire Department and Bergen County Hazardous Materials Team contained and then identified the spilled material, which was identified as 1000 cc of Glacial Acetic Acid. Bergen County Hazmat and Fire Department members then used an absorbent to pick up the liquid. Once all of the liquid had been picked up they double bagged the absorbent and the broken bottle for disposal. The bagged material was turned over to a Hospital Representative for disposal in the Hospitals normal hazardous waste flow. This action was documented in a report filed by the Bergen County Hazardous Materials Team (BCDHS Case Number 2007-8-71) see attachment.

The next day, Monday, August 13, 2007, Deputy Chief David Yaden and I returned to Valley Hospital in the morning to speak to the Valley Hospital Safety Officer about incident and to insure that the already contained and bagged material was going to be disposed of properly. When we went to check on the hazardous material it was noticed that the outer bag had been torn at some point. We called for the on duty firefighters to respond to The Valley Hospital and I instructed Firefighter Reilly and the other Firefighters to wear their appropriate respiratory protection with gloves and to place the torn bag into another bag and then place a hazardous materials label on the new bag.

None of the already bagged absorbent material had spilled from either of the inner bags. No spill was cleaned up by Firefighter Reilly or the other Firefighters. At no time were these Firefighters placed in any danger and because there was no spill there was no need to call the Bergen County Hazardous Materials Team for this situation.

James Bombace, Chief (Retired)

Ridgewood Fire Department

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Mr. Bombace has been working directly with Paul Arohnson for the past 3 years to get a super majority of “like-minded” council persons

Mr. Bombace has been working directly with Paul Arohnson for the past 3 years to get a super majority of “like-minded” council persons

Mr. Bombace has been working directly with Paul Arohnson for the past 3 years to get a super majority of “like-minded” council persons elected. At first it was the “Crowd” (Cronk and Dowd); now its Albert Puccarelli and Gwen Haulk.

The problem with allowing Paul Arohnson to control a super majority (who have been telling anyone who will listen; that they intend to elect him as Mayor) is that these three will jam their agenda through over and over again and the Village will be changed forever. It should be no suprise they have been having private (read: secret) meetings with various development partners to construct new retail, garages and apartments in various locations in downtown (this is the kind of stuff that leads to jail time, just look what happened in other urban areas around us these past few years).

The current Council is composed of five individuals, none having a lock on control and all having “independent”, not “like-minded” or “lock-step” thinking.

In this Tuesday’s election there will be three non aligned candidates; they are: Keith Killion, Jane Shinazoka and Russ Forenza. Anyone who knows these three; knows they are very different people with very different ideas, all respectful of eachother and the tax payer.

Please vote for independent condidates this year.

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“Citizens for a Better Ridgewood ” tainted by the Bombace scandal

“Citizens for a Better Ridgewood ” tainted by the Bombace scandal

It seems “Citizens for a Better Ridgewood ” is more than just a group of complainers looking to “urbanize Ridgewood ” at taxpayers expense while reaping huge profits . The group seems to also be composed of and represented by a group of bullies who will do almost anything to get their way.

Also noted in the Judge’s decision “Plaintiff received a disturbing anonymous mailing at his home which was later found to have been sent by Former Chief Bombace”

Has Bombace been charged with anything? It seems he has culpability in this matter, costing Village Taxpayers, he should not escape without being held accountable. If the Judge found a disturbing anonymous mailing having been sent by Bombace, where is the investigation from the Ridgewood Police Department or the prosecutor’s office?

This lies on his shoulders of James Bombace as Director of the Fire Dept. for the years that this harassment to place. To find out that in the Judge opinion he active participated in the harassment is telling on the type of leader he was. This is the same man that now is actively spreading rumors about our mayor is even more telling of the kind of person he really is. He should give back his pension .

This the same Bombace heading up the “Citizens For A Better Ridgewood”? Was this group formed to advance the Aronsohn/Puciarelli/Hauck ticket?

This is the same Bombase that runs the fake misinformation blog or flog known as the “Ridgewood Views” under the Andrew & Sue moniker while on the taxpayers dime ?

This is also the same James Bombace who wrote the letter in today’s Ridgewood News supporting Paul Aronsohn, Gwenn Hauck, and Albert Pucciarelli for Village Council making these candidates complicit in a premeditated plan of lies and deceit to take over the Village?

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Andrew & Susan Exposed : admit they are James Bombace , and support Paul Aronsohn

Andrew & Susan finally admit they are James Bombase , and support Paul Aronsohn 

Andrew & Susan    
Submitted on 2012/05/02 at 8:20 pm

Wrong! Unlike this blog we post opposing views. Many posters have told us that this blog will not post anything against Killion or for Arohsohn. You PJ have been bought and paid for by Killion and his lapdogs and that is so obvious it is sickening.

Andrew and Sue?? Ha ha!! finally Jim Bombace reveals himself in his reply to the post. Hey Jim, the James referred to is the James from the Patch not you James Bombace. Everyone knows that “Andrew and Sue” is Jim Bombace and that you have such venom for Keith. How dare you knock Keith and what he has given back to Ridgewood over the years. At least he took a shower and showed up to work in a clean shirt.. yuck!! You really need to find a hobby and get a life. Your obsession with Village affairs is over the top. You should have had that much energy when you were on the job. Small minded individuals like yourself perpetuate the negative image of Ridgewood to others, Do something positive for the Village. Volunteer your time and talent. Take your $100K plus pension and enjoy life!

“Andrew/Susan” post: Sorry, I don’t think that’s true. I have posted things both against Killion and also for Aronsohn on this blog before.
I’ve certainly read many opposing views on this blog on a wide variety of topics.

And at least for me — I’m nobody’s lapdog, thank you. I often disagree with people on one issue who I might completely agree with and support on other issues. To me, it’s not about personalities but issues.

I’m not the moderator nor owner and this isn’t my blog. Personally I try to read info from many sources, including your blog too. And the fact is, the moderator posted YOUR post here too– did he not?

I don’t expect any blog to have completely “unbiased” views since by nature people on all sides (many with agendas all their own) are going to post on them. What is wrong with that? I certainly have many times perceived a def. point of view and agenda over at your blog too.

People can read your stuff and agree or disagree. And if they feel you consistently have a viewpoint or agenda they really can’t agree with, they can decide NOT to read your stuff, too. The choice is theirs.

It’s like an editorial page or letters to the ed section. Do you expect that to be strictly a “just the facts” news report? I hope you don’t.

Many times the REAL facts are not very clear with many issues, and questions need to be asked and info uncovered about the story behind the story and how often there are other agendas and forces at work that are not at first blush apparent.

Blogs can be a great way the little guy can have a voice in that, and help raise awareness and ask the questions that many news sources don’t ask.

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Cupcakes By Carousel Selected for "Best of Bergen 2012

Cupcakes By Carousel Selected for “Best of Bergen 2012”
By Cupcakes Carousel
Published: Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2012 – 3:26 pm

RIDGEWOOD and ENGLEWOOD, N.J., March 28, 2012 — Cupcakes By Carousel of Ridgewood, Englewood, New Jersey has been honored with a recognition by (201) Magazine in its selection of “Best Of Bergen 2012.”

Read more here:

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>Ridgewood Mayor Keith Killion joined other local mayors to deliver meals to seniors to raise awareness about Community Meals

>Ridgewood Mayor Keith Killion joined other local mayors to deliver meals to seniors to raise awareness about Community Meals
Thursday March 22, 2012, 3:34 PM
The Ridgewood News

The mayors of Ridgewood and Glen Rock and officials from three neighboring towns hit the road on Wednesday morning, delivering prepared meals to senior residents in Community Meals Inc.’s (CMI) “Mayors for Meals Day 2012.”

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>Ridgewood News Editorial: Running for council

>Ridgewood News Editorial: Running for council


The deadline for Ridgewood residents to file nominating packets to run for Village Council is fast approaching.

This year, three seats are open on the council, each for a four-year term.