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N.J. Lawmakers Pass Massive 23-Cent Gas Tax Hike

June 28,2016

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Ridgewood NJ, State lawmakers passed a 23-cent gas tax hike overnight that Gov. Chris Christie is set to sign by Friday saving the Transportation Trust  Fund of TTF from running out of money.

There was no mention of  auditing the TTF ?

The Christie backed plan is a 23-cent gas tax hike that Gov. Chris Christie is set to sign in to law by Friday.

The vote came early Tuesday came after a day of backroom talks between Christie and legislative leaders such as Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto. In the brokered deal the Democrat-led Assembly passed legislation to hike the state’s gasoline tax by 23 cents per gallon, while cutting the sales tax from 7 to 6 percent.

Motorists could see the hikes take effect by Friday. The state’s gas tax would increase from 14.5 cents per gallon to 37.5 cents per gallon under the plan.

Today the average price of a gallon of gas in New Jersey is $2.10 according to AAA Mid-Atlantic, down a penny overnight and down a penny in the last week.

Christie, in a statement, highlighted the sales-tax-cut portion of the proposal, saying he was “pleased that the Assembly has heeded my suggestion for tax fairness, which I have been calling for for a long time.”

11 thoughts on “N.J. Lawmakers Pass Massive 23-Cent Gas Tax Hike

  1. Thank God gas prices have come down to reasonable levels… now the government can:

    a) raise gas prices by 12.5% (almost TRIPLING the current gasoline tax) and keep the money to advance their social agenda
    b) shore up waning interest in high mileage and alternative fuel vehicles
    c) punish those wanting vehicles with size or performance
    d) keep the poor and middle class struggling so they can be dependent on government handouts (aka vote for Democrats, liberals and socialists)
    Looks like a win-win-win-win (for Democrats and their friends)

  2. Thanks NJ for killing one of the few remaining good things about NJ (low gasoline prices)
    Thanks for moving NJ’s gasoline tax
    From the 2ND LOWEST state gasoline tax in the USA (49th place)
    To the 7th HIGHEST state gasoline tax

    If these morons had half a brain, the would find ways to LOWER gasoline prices and increase consumption.
    This would:
    – increase overall gasoline tax revenue
    – increase business (which brings along increased job employment and increased spending) – resulting in even more tax revenue for the state
    – result in happier residents and taxpayers who get to spend and save more money and enjoy their lives more.
    too bad resident’s pursuit of happiness is not on the agenda for NJ politicians.

  3. Moving Vans a Coming. Taxes out of control. Loose loose for boomers. Who have the cash but are packing it up

  4. Now we pay amongst the highest gasoline taxes in the USA along with the highest state + local taxes. NJ residents are now the highest taxed Americans thanks to greedy public sector unions and the politicians in Trenton they’ve bought with Union votes. NJ finances are already the worst in the country, and now Trenton has just sucker punched anyone who needs to drive to make a living.

  5. We’re leaving NJ for PA, had enough of these scams to fund out of control spending with out of control taxes.

  6. No cut to the NJ estate tax!

  7. Trenton just stole more money to give to Sanzari for excessive road repair costs. Sarlo and Sweeney to NJ drivers: F$&@ YOU!

  8. RE: “We’re leaving NJ for PA”
    Bad news for you…
    PA has the HIGHEST state gasoline tax in the nation at 50.4 cents (65.10 cents if you include the federal tax)

  9. Does this cover repair and maintenance cost of illegal concrete planters???
    How about municipal garages that extend onto public roadways??

  10. Christie throwing residents under the bus on the way out of the door.
    I have now officially lost faith..

  11. Ha ha ha. Governor Christie just fucked the rest of you the same way he fucked all of NJ government employee workers by screwing with their pensions. So much for your hero you “taxed to death” morons.

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