Christie, GOP leaders name no one to the quorumless salary review panel

Gov. Chris Christie and the two Republican leaders in the state Legislature said Wednesday they won’t make any appointments to the commission that’s supposed to meet this fall to recommend whether high-level government officials should have their salaries raised.

The move leaves the seven-member Public Officers Salary Review Commission without a quorum, guaranteeing it can’t meet and can’t recommend pay hikes.

Even if it had met and did recommend raises, salaries wouldn’t have increased without the approval of the Legislature and Christie.

“As job creation and economic growth begin to take hold, too many New Jerseyans are still struggling. At a time where we are asking everyone to do more with less, it would be inappropriate and send the absolute wrong message to the people of our state for Trenton politicians to consider giving themselves pay raises, given the current economic realities,” Christie said in a prepared statement.  (Symons, Gannett)