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Christie spares Marine from prison over gun conviction

By Sergio Bichao April 14, 2017 4:48 PM

New Jersey 101.5 video archive

A Marine veteran from Virginia who was convicted in New Jersey of possessing a legally owned gun without a state permit will not go to prison after his sentence was commuted Friday by Gov. Chris Christie.

The Afghanistan war veteran is the 10th person whose weapons-related conviction or sentence has been pardoned or commuted by Christie. Like the other cases, Hisashi K.D. Pompey is an out-of-state resident who got entangled by New Jersey’s strict gun laws.

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3 thoughts on “Christie spares Marine from prison over gun conviction

  1. Excellent decision by the gov to stop this nonsense of persecuting law abiding citizens…NJ conceled carry laws are absurd and need to be changed so residents can protect themselves.

  2. Thank you Governor for making NJ great again! X MP myself and was denied a legal CCW permit in NJ before getting a LEOSA one from DOD. NJ is one of the worst places in the country for those wanting to exercise their 2nd amendment rights.

  3. Anyone who has served our country in the US military should be allowed to carry a firearm. They risked their lives on behalf of us and we owe it to them to allow them to carry a firearm if they so choose. In this case the person who was carrying a gun is former Marine.. If someone is dumb enough to go up against a highly trained and battle hardened Marine the outcome will be the same regardless of whether or not he had a gun or not. DUH !

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