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Class-action Lawsuits have just been Launched against the main supplier of Synthetic Turf Fields in the Suburbs of New Jersey


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Ridgewood NJ, There is a closely related story in the community that requires investigation and exposure.

Area schools, towns and public agencies have spent millions of dollars installing synthetic turf  fields in recent years.  A number of important class-action lawsuits have just been launched against the main supplier of synthetic turf fields in the suburbs of New Jersey.

“The 100-Yard Deception” by The Star Ledger 

The million dollar synthetic turf football field that was installed at Ridgewood High School in the September 2010 also had the very same defective Fieldturf Duraspine material. Dozens of other area fields are similarly affected. To make matters worse, the school district paid a huge premium for this product thru a rigged procurement process.The company knows the fields are defective and disintegrating prematurely but is doing and saying nothing. 

This has been reported on in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, just to name a few of the media outlets that have covered this national story: 
 City of Fremont (CA) Latest to File Class Action Against FieldTurf Artificial Turf Fields are Failing Across Southern California Costing Millions, here’s why:

A quick Google search of “Fieldturf + defect” will result in hundreds of other results.

Here’s an interesting story on the Fieldturf customer experience in GA:

This story from Kansas does a good job of summarizing the issue:

This 5-part investigation ran in San Diego in November 2016
The recent class action lawsuit can be reviewed here:

FieldTurf complaint | Jurisdiction | LawsuitClass-action lawsuit involving

Does the school board even know they have been defrauded?  Do they know they are a plaintiff in one of the many class-action lawsuits filed across the country?

Why aren’t they demanding the replacement of the defective field under warranty?

Why do they continue to use this supplier on an exclusive basis?

6 thoughts on “Class-action Lawsuits have just been Launched against the main supplier of Synthetic Turf Fields in the Suburbs of New Jersey

  1. It’s settled science.

  2. One man decides…

  3. Kickbacks

  4. This was inevitable from Day One. The DEP should never have allowed it in the first place. That hearing was a travesty and their decision was a shock.

  5. Do it for the kids!

  6. I remember the debate 20 years ago – – the turf will last 20 years – – we will save so much money on maintenance costs, etc. I wonder how the numbers add up 20 years later.

    Don’t get me wrong, if more children got more exercise, the cost might be well worth it. But, let’s be honest next time we spend money like this.

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