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“Clear Cut” , “turf Field” Roberta has issues with the new tree ordinance


June 22,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a letter to the editor former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, Tree tax is a bad idea . Is it just us or does anyone else find in both ironic and ridiculous that one of the people who pushed the “clear cutting” several acres of trees at Schedler Property ,in order to build a new turf baseball field has issues with the new tree ordinance ?

The ordinance regulating tree removals on private property requires a permit to remove any tree larger than 8 inches in diameter. Any healthy tree removed must be replaced, or a payment made in lieu of replacement. Key provisions of the new ordinance are outlined below.

The ordinance was specifically established to protect the Village of Ridgewood from people like Roberta Sonenfeld and Paul Aronsohn who were looking to ‘clear cut” and  turf down every inch in the Village of Ridgewood . As they say “round up the usual suspects “, we bet most readers can add a litany of names to this list.

10 thoughts on ““Clear Cut” , “turf Field” Roberta has issues with the new tree ordinance

  1. I was thinking about the same thing. For fields the village was willing to clear cut dozens of trees. Now that they are built out on fields they want to protect the environment.

    Why not require high density housing developers to plant trees or adopt a park?

    Can’t believe that there is now a layer of government between me and my landscaping.

  2. She’s a ghost afraid to show up at council meetings so she hides behind the Ridgewood News

  3. Maybe they should have Valley pay a PILOT before charging homeowners a PILOT (payment in lieu of tree). Agree with 8:00 – no more layers of gov’t

  4. Okay, 8:46 posting as anonymous calls the former VM afraid and hiding behind the Ridgewood News. Posting in anonymity isn’t being afraid and hiding? Can’t make this stuff up!

  5. Maple Park was raped and murdered. Anybody who had anything to do with it, including those with their names carved into the rocks at the entrance, forfeited the right to speak about the environment forever. The other parks aren’t much better. Destroyed by sports insanity.

  6. If you plan to run for village council next year as Aronsohn’s mouthpiece, Ms. Sonenfeld, you will lose and be very embarrassed while doing it.

  7. Government overreach next the will regulate how many times you can bath for the sake of conserving water.

  8. This is an absurd policy. What if I remove a tree because I don’t want a tree there? I have to pay the town NOT to have a tree? This is beyond ridiculous and so is this council.

  9. Every day this town becomes less desirable.
    (FWIW, I used nice words…)

  10. Not only did Roberta want to clear cut Schedler. The Open Space application process was a complete fraud. Let’s not start on her hand in Habernickel. She plans on running for Council? She must have forgotten about the ethics violations against her.

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