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Clothing Discovered in Bizarre Incident off Route 208

Dave C. reported this on his Facebook page

Fair lawn NJ, These clothes were found, as is, today.. 25 feet from our garage… and about 500 feet from route 208. Local police were called, the officer who came out said no ID in the clothing … nothing can be done. We feel it’s a bit bizzarre how they were all clumped up… and seemingly … deliberately stashed in the wooded area behind our garage and where our daughter plays with her friends….. many others seem to think it’s the work of paramedics cutting the clothes off a trauma victim etc… which makes sense… I see it… but clumped all together, way off the highway… literally… almost in our backyard… makes no sense…my neighbors are unsettled… my family is unsettled….and…. if anyone recognizes this outfit, and feels as if it’s something more serious than a random paramedic, or crash victim disposing of their clothes …. 500 feet from the shoulder of a major highway, in a patch of woods….here you go… We have lived here a long time .. I have seen many accidents on 208 myself… firsthand, right near here…. we are in this wooded area very often… and this is something very out of the ordinary that seems really questionable. I guess this is my last ditch effort…. but, God forbid it is as sinister as it appears to be….. we would want someone doing the same if it were one of our loved ones, or our daughter who once wore the clothes. Maybe it’s a prank, or high school kids brought it all here from the highway…. but it wasn’t the wind, and it wasn’t animals.. they were all found clumped up together, in the woods… near, a small creek…. a natural gas Pipeline… a major highway and our actual, backyard. That said, as parents…. it’s hard to act like this isn’t creepy. Hopefully there’s a reasonable explanation. But, animals and wind don’t ball it all up like actual dirty laundry.

3/28/19 UPDATE (9AM) : To date, The Fair Lawn Police have received some phone calls about missing persons in a few different states but none have matched with the clothing found. Unfortunately without a victim or knowledge of any, actual crime being committed, there is little that can be done or investigated.

For all intents and purposes, Fair Lawn did ask the county if they could send the clothing out for testing. Unfortunately, the procedure used for scenarios like this, requires there to be a victim or knowing for sure, that a crime involving the location itself or clothing found there has happened.

At this time, there appears to be no further evidence that there was a crime…..but that doesn’t mean that one was not comitted… Unfortunately, this burden is ours should we continue wanting to search for proof.

For my family and I, to have to walk out our door each day since this discovery, found so close to where we were happily living each day prior, between our work and personal time before all of this… it has made things morose. We walk down our long driveway, to our vehicles… staring ahead at that small strip of wooded area behind the garage…. and can’t yet feel comfortable. We stare out of our kitchen window and see that same area at night when we are home as a family… and when the sun goes down, and the lights at the office buildings go dim… it’s completely black, total darkness.. and trying to imagine that there could have potentially lurked, the type of person you only hear about on TV… with their intent likely to be …anything other than good…within it… while we were living, our otherwise, care free lives beforehand… is extremely surreal for us, and very difficult to try to comprehend. The sense of safety we once felt here, is slightly diminished now …and while we try to keep the worst thoughts from entering our heads, we aren’t as calloused as those whose responsibilities include, facing this type of call and find each day.. or worse. So for us, it’s now as much about getting the answers we all hope for in this case… as it also is, about rebuilding a sense of security… which unfortunately for us, is now waining…. No matter how much though… we are grateful to not be on the other end of this story…as victims…..or as one of the many families, not just looking for more clues… but instead, left with none.

Some theories have been made here online, some have speculated while hoping for more answers… so have I… Thousands of you have been sharing the photos in case they make their way across the screen of anyone who can shed light on this mystery… and hundreds of you have already, even taken it upon yourselves to contact me personally, some sharing your personal stories of abduction, and the role proper evidence played in convicting the perpetrators. .. some sharing stories of recently found loved ones who had previously been missing… many sharing articles, links and resources with me, that may later prove to be useful in getting the answers to all the questions raised here, when this began to unfold, at our home. Thank you for your help.

The police are holding onto the clothes and hoping that anyone with any knowledge about who they belonged to, or even just… how they got to where we found them… can call them. Anyone with information … ANY AT ALL… regarding the location, any suspicious activity noticed near the area over the past couple months… or the clothing itself is strongly encouraged to call the Fair Lawn Police at 201-796-1400.

UPDATE : 3/25 (11:15am) Bergen County Sheriff’s contacted Fair Lawn Detective… Fair Lawn Detective taking the clothes into evidence in case anyone reports anything related to the outfit or area the clothes were found in… I was told they may, or may not be DNA tested … but he will contact the people who handle that… and without a victim now… it’s hard to do much more… but at least, it’s on their radar now. It was unanimously agreed that the location of them, and the condition of all pieces in a spot like that…. is suspicious… and if anything else transpires…. I will be contacted.

3/25 (10:02am) UPDATE : Bergen County Sheriff’s officer and Supervisor on site.

3/25 (8:20am) UPDATE : Bergen County sheriff’s officer heading over to investigate.

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  1. “my neighbors are unsettled… my family is unsettled”. Why??? Everyone always assumes the worst and jumps to conclusions.

  2. Very weird

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