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Commuter also says I would beg Trump to not supply a penny to this corrupt empire of NY/NJ

Rep Josh Gottheimer

I go through this torture every day but I would beg Trump to not supply a penny to this corrupt empire of NY/NJ. This morning (Monday) Josh Gothheimer was making rounds on the train to Secaucus. This guy was “randomly” asking passengers about their feelings on NJ transit. Once he realized he was talking to a liberal he would prolong the conversation and take notes. I hate these politicians so much that I want to spit right in their face. They have found a goldmine in the naive population of NJ. How can they raise fares and provide a terrible service without any public protests is beyond me. These people who make the majority of commuters do not lift a finger when it comes to their money and life but are ready to shut down anyone who expresses an honest opinion. They would rather get screwed by their own politicians than say a single word.

16 thoughts on “Commuter also says I would beg Trump to not supply a penny to this corrupt empire of NY/NJ

  1. Carpetbaggin’ Josh trying to connect with the Jersey folk, bless his heart. And Ramon is there for the photo op? Very disappointing.

  2. Nowhere in Josh’s comments is there anything about how improvements will be paid for. Just vague crap that we all know already. Kind of reminds me of “paying your fair share” and that great old chestnut, “the middle class”.

  3. How great to have our Congressman out there listening to constituents. Wish more of Congress would focus on such needs instead of wasting time on Russia on the one side and tax cuts on the other.

  4. It’s so cute when Little Josh tries to act concerned.

  5. Didn’t see that coming. Seems like eventually they all sell out to making Ridgewood a transit hub.

  6. The $55 million renovation was already done in Ridgewood, so now we need parking so people can use the station. And a tunnel to meet the demand of the commuters to NYC would be nice while we’re wishing here. Making the trains run on time? Baby steps.

  7. GTFO

  8. 12:57…it’s a photo op. Joshua was ‘play listening’

  9. Why was Ramon there? Is he working for Gottheimer now?

  10. 1.42 ..we need more people using the station like a large hole in our heads ..towns a raceway….No Parking Structure .fix the lots we have,
    start with a paving survey at cottage place …surface is like the surface of the moon..a disgrace,..

  11. When the charade ended, Josh jumped in his limo and got his nails done in Wyckoff.

  12. Screw tunnels or taxpayer shakedown. RAINBOW FLAG!!!!

  13. He’s doing a good job if he’s asking people questions. He’s working constantly for his constituents from what I’ve seen these past months. I hope he keeps it up.

  14. What I got from this article? The Megaplier was 3

  15. That’s funny @ 1:09. I ask people questions too.I guess I can be a congressman.

  16. 615… get over it… the girl hand subsidized xmas tree farmer lost…

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