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Commuters Want to Fine Village of Ridgewood For Failure to Clean Up the Park and Ride

Park and Ride
January 26,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The town still has not cleared the parking lot at the Ridgewood Park & Ride on Route 17.
Walking from the parking spaces is now to the point of being brutal.The area froze last night and someone is going to get hurt.

Village residents get fined 24 hours after snow ends if not removed from the property.Commuters are now fining the town $200.00 a day for failure to clean the snow within 24 hours and compensation for dry cleaning.

10 thoughts on “Commuters Want to Fine Village of Ridgewood For Failure to Clean Up the Park and Ride

  1. I nearly got stuck in the Cottage Place lot yesterday. There was barely a plow mark on 2 of the 3 aisles. I’m sure they were busy but the VH did have time to send leaf fines 2 months late.

  2. That’s hilarious…..

  3. I noticed that it’s almost impossible to put money into the meters in the Dayton lot without going through 3 feet of snow and ice. Since merchants have to clean around the meters, will the town do the same in the municipal lots??

  4. Out of curiosity, does one need to be a village resident to park there?

  5. Hudson street lot not fully plowed as of today, many spaces are snow covered. And yet……there are available spots. This parking garage plan is sickening. Such a total waste of our money and such a desecration of the area, all to feed the freakin egos of Paul, Albert, Roberta, and Gwenn. Sickening

  6. Coming home tonight still horrible.
    ROBERTA do something!!
    Answer to 12.22, you do not need to be a resident of RWD to get a parking pass.
    RDG charges 1,600 a year in our lots. $1,000 more then most towns.
    Park and Ride, YEARLY UNDER $300.00 for WHOLE year. A great deal.

    I still keep hearing overtime town trucks working all night.
    ROBERTA, fix park and ride.

    Hey, just saw Graydon pool area.
    WOW, all snow from CBD now there.
    Meter parking now in effect.

    FIX P and R.

  7. Spoke to my fellow riders.

    Oh my god. When I posted this comment all the people taking the bus want to sue RDW.
    What did start????

    Spoke w/ old town guy who retired after Christie wanted to defer pensions and quit.
    These guys took care of the park and ride for years.
    New guys have no idea.
    But, overall these new guys I think did a good job over the week-end.

  8. I have an annual permit for the park & ride lot. I complained to the village manager about the park & ride lot via email today (1/26/16) and received a response saying that she examined the lot with the village’s director of operations at 11 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 25th, and she found many metered spots available. She also wrote “Maybe wi missed something in our review.” I replied, pointing out that they missed the fact the HALF THE LOT HAD NOT BEEN PLOWED! She and the director of operations have no idea how that lot is used, except for the metered spots.

  9. This director of operations was hired for ridgewood water. If she is going around inspecting snow removal work with him, does that mean all water utility customers are paying for RIdgewood’s snow removal?

  10. The bulldozers were out at 5am this morning clearing the lot. They did a nice job cleaning it up.
    Hopefully the Village learned a lesson this time around. Kudo’s for learning from your mistakes. Thanks to the Blog for getting the word out!

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