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Comparisons – rates & hours parking in “high end” municipalities with train stations

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Taken from the internet:

Montclair, 8-7 M-Sat, 1.00 per hour street, .75 per hour off street
Millburn, ?-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Summit, 8-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Westfield, 10-6 M-Sat, .50 per hour
Red Bank, 9-6 M-Sat, 1.00 per hour street, .50 per hour off street
Princeton, 8-7 M-Sat, 1.25 per hour
Morristown, complex plan – depends upon where in City

9 thoughts on “Comparisons – rates & hours parking in “high end” municipalities with train stations

  1. Thanks James. Garage or no garage, our on street/ meter parking rates should be in line with other municipalities but especially with our surrounding towns like Glen Rock.

  2. Ho-HO-Kus is high end enough for me. I dine there. Great at lunch. Free parking. Great restaurants. Post office a breeze too.

  3. RW post office is a pain. I never go there. No parking and hours stink.
    Surrounding towns are so much more accommodating.

  4. No meters: Glen Rock, Waldwick, Wyckoff, Allendale, Saddle River, Hawthorne, Midland Park, Ho-Ho-Kus,on and on and on. Westwood’s downtown is lovely and the meters charge 10 cents per hour.

    I avoid the Rwd P.O. for the same reasons as 4:12 and also don’t like the way the waiting line is set up. Also the two “15-minute” meters for P.O. business typically give you 12 minutes and I’m anxious the whole time that I won’t make it out in time.

  5. What is the Council using the increased parking meter rates for? No transparency there.

  6. Some of those towns (Westfield for sure) also offer the first 15 minutes free to allow for quick errands. Also parking lots have kiosk parking available and you can add time at the end if you went over. Ridgewood is for sure behind when it comes to technology and efficiency.

  7. Who gives a FlyingFuck what other towns or people do. LET other towns do what WE Do. Decide for ourselves. Why in the fuck does any individual or any town have to look at what others do to decide what THEY WANT AND WHAT THEY VALUE.

    Shit that is the way of IDIOTS . To look at what other people do in order to decide what YOU WANT and should do.

    By the way, that is how advertising wins billions of dollars. SELLING SHIT that is toxic destructive and useless at best because IDIOTS will BUY IT and SPEND BIG FUCKS I mean BUCKS because OTHER PEOPLE BUY IT. OH FUCK A DUCK. HOW about that.

  8. continued from above. Guess I didn’t have enough ORGANIZED SPORTS growing up, cause I’se an independent thinker. DUHHHHHH.

    NEVER had a COACH duihhhhhh telling me what is best for me and taking up all of my time. NOOOO I am not a team player, I am an individual player.

  9. F bombs incoming

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