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Congratulations to the Women Gardeners’ of Ridgewood!

photo courtesy of Ridgewood Parks & Recreation

June 18,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Garden Club of New Jersey awarded the Women Gardeners’ of Ridgewood for their work with the Green Kids program, sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department. The children, with the help of the Women Gardener’s of Ridgewood, created a large log planter for the Green Kids Garden and planted it with mums for the fall. The 12′ long recylced log planter was designed to encourage sustainability and can be planted seasonally. Please check out the award and log in the pictures below!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Women Gardeners’ of Ridgewood!

  1. Can a man join the Women Gardeners’ of Ridgewood?

  2. No zip it. Only if you want to Pick up litter

  3. Oh, so its a sexist club.
    got it.

    maybe we can launch a campaign, get laws in place. stop the oppression.

  4. No apostrophe in the group’s name, please.

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