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MOUNTAINSIDE NJ,  Following Wednesday night’s debate on NJTV where Marine Corps veteran and job creator Bob Hugin decisively showed the people of New Jersey that he is the best choice in this election, The Cook Political Report moved the New Jersey Senate race from “Lean Democrat” to “Toss Up.”

“The momentum in this campaign grows stronger every day because the people of New Jersey know we deserve better,” said Bob Hugin. “After 25 years of Washington failing to deliver for New Jersey, it’s time for our state to have an independent leader who will put people above party and politics. That’s the kind of Senator I will be — a Senator who brings Democrats and Republicans together to solve problems. Together, we can make healthcare more affordable for all Americans, fix our immigration system, improve our infrastructure, and raise the cap on state and local tax deductions that’s unfairly hurting New Jersey. The people of New Jersey deserve an independent leader in the United States Senate fighting for them and I will be that leader.”

“Together, we are on the verge of making history. As the people of New Jersey continue to learn more about the important choice they will make on Election Day, we are confident we will be successful,” said Hugin Campaign Manager Stacy Schuster.

“There is an addition to the Toss Up column as the race in New Jersey moves there from the Lean Democratic column. The contest isn’t about anything else but Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and his ethics problems…” (The Cook Political Report, Senate: 11 Days Out; NJ Moves to Toss Up, October 26, 2018)

“The Senate Majority PAC, the Democrats’ Senate super PAC, has now invested nearly $6.5 million in the race, including a $3 million advertising buy this week. This investment levels the playing field somewhat, but Hugin still holds a very definitive advantage on television.” (The Cook Political Report, Senate: 11 Days Out; NJ Moves to Toss Up, October 26, 2018)


  1. Menendez must be removed. If you want a better Congress you need to take out the trash.

  2. We do deserve better but not a right-wing ideologue, please, especially at this point in history. It is usually a mistake to vote for “the other guy” without researching that guy’s views. I will hold my nose and vote for Menendez.

  3. Hugin is hardly right wing anything and not even a trump supporter, as for that POS Menendez , so you think its ok to sleep with 13 year old girls ???? only in New Jersey

  4. Hold your nose for a total low life pos i cant belive i live in a place that would wipe its a$$ on someone so dispicable as menendez

  5. Menendez makes aronsohn look honest

  6. I can’t belive i live in a place that people think its ok to bote for a child molester

  7. Exactly how do you explain to your kids that you voted fir a guy how routinely skept with 13 year olds

  8. The allegations arise right before Menendez was reelected to the Senate in 2012. The FBI and several of state and federal reporters and news organizations spent months investigating whether the he was committing sexual crimes with minors outside the country. The accusations were never substantiated.

    Six years later, weeks before Menendez goes on the ballot again, the accusations are back. They’re on TV and YouTube, on Facebook and Twitter, and on a website set up by Hugin’s campaign.

  9. I agree with all those that think Menendez needs to go, and I think that the underage girls in the DR is disqualifying — but how about the fact that he’s simply been a terrible Senator for NJ? We send far more to Washington than we get in return. We want more tunnels to commute to NY, crickets from the senior Senator. Eliminating the SALT deduction and all he does is throw up his hands. How about trying to do something — ANYTHING — other than just being a mouthpiece for the party. Enough is enough.

  10. Classic example of the liberal mindset to tow the party line and vote according to instructions REGARDLESS of the blatant fact that this guy is a true scumbag. How the F&$k do you sleep at night?

  11. Serious question. Can a Menendez supporter please tell me what he has done for New Jersey as a senator?

  12. For the poster above that wants to say this is just election year mud slinging do your own investigation instead of reading the talking points. That eye doctor Uncle Bob was hanging out with is a bad dude and he bought access all the way up to President Clinton. Say all you want about a hung jury in his criminal trial (let that sink in – his criminal trial) but is that what you want as your senator “indicted but only almost convicted?” And let’s not forget that the biggest ol’ Boys club in the history of western civilization actually censured one of their own in a bi-partisan basis when they found his behavior indefensible. Let that sink in too: a whole bunch of democrat senators said “Bob, tone it down, you’re making us look bad and now we have no choice but to do something about it.” Vote for whoever you want but at least be honest with yourself that you’re voting for a party not a good person.

  13. Judging by the lawn signs (which by the way are mostly on village property or public property along the highways) Menendez will easily be elected again. There is almost no signs for Huggin or any other republican in this town. I wouldn’t dare put a sign for a republican as I know my neighbors would turn sour on me. The extreme left owns this town. Coincidentally everything in RW and NJ as a whole is going down the drain. Sadomasochism.

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