Daniel Lattier | July 14, 2017

In May, I reported on the controversial social justice curriculum being taught to young students in Edina Public Schools—a wealthy suburban district in Minnesota considered to be among the state’s best.

At Edina’s Highlands Elementary this past year, students—even kindergartners and first-graders—were made to participate in a number of projects designed to teach them about their racial privilege and encourage them to become activists.

I had my suspicions why a school district would deem it necessary to subject kindergartners to such a curriculum, and to teach them to view the world primarily through the lens of race.

My suspicions were confirmed by Michael Seaman, a teacher and architect of the program in the district. Basically, he assumes that these young students may already be racists.

In an email to me, Mr. Seaman asked “Why do you object to teaching social justice in all classrooms?” and then wrote “I’ve linked an article for your perusal regarding the early onset of racial bias.”

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