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Councilmen Jeff Voigt defends the CRAB


January 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in the what many residents describe as the ultimate irony Councilmen Jeff Voigt when to the defense of the CRAB or Community Relations Advisory Board in a letter to the editor .In Defending CRAB meetings in Ridgewood ( ) Councilmen Jeff Voigt attempted to lend his support to an organization and its leader that is not without controversy .

While I am not going to argue the merits of the organization , Voigt went on to complement its leader Jan Phillips , saying “Jan Philips has done over the years in making CRAB inclusive; as a vehicle for educating residents; and in pushing forward issues that make us consider what is right and wrong in how we treat others. We need more “Jans” in Ridgewood “., yea mean like calling residents “grandstanders ” in a Village Council meeting or dismissing Mayor Susan Knudsen by telling people Paul Aronsohn still runs this town? No we defiantly don’t need more “Jans” and of coarse attempting to bully the mayor and the Village council over the “gay pride” flag.

Voigt wasted no time going to the time honored track of attacking “anonymous posters” on the Ridgewood blog . Perhaps if he read posts more carefully and he would see that most of the “nasty” comments are from his and Paul Aronsohn’s supporters, and former members of the FAC . While I am not going to rattle off names at this time , a quick peek at some comments and they read surprisingly similar to things said on several Facebook group pages and of coarse said at Village Council meetings . I also seem to remember several incidents where the councilmen himself used some “nasty comments” , toward several residents ,several council members and the current mayor.

12 thoughts on “Councilmen Jeff Voigt defends the CRAB

  1. She can start a 503 non profit. We don’t need more Jans as council appointees.
    What this group is doing should not be done by an organization that’s affiliated with local government.

  2. Community relations…sounds like BLMrs, social justice warriors, special snowflake millenials, never trumpers, p****-hat wearers, AntiFa’s, pot-brownie purveyors, sixties throwbacks, adjunct professors, and blame-america-firsters, gathered together in a grand kumbaya pow-wow. What could go wrong?

  3. Jan Philips and Jeff Voigt, two total losers who pose as concerned citizens. NOT

  4. Wait! Remember the occasions at council meetings when Jeff was real nasty to Mayor Knudsen and when Jeff had that meltdown and people suggested he was not mentally stable. About OPRA I think.

  5. Jan Phillips badmouths Voight behind his back. Jan hates Jeff. If he only knew.

  6. So Jeffie Boy, I had a convo with Jan Philips recently and she told me that she does not permit you into her home, that she fears you. Why are you sucking up to her?

  7. Is jeffy writing a weekly letter? Trying to change his image to a nice guy. Late to hide now. Everyone knows the real Jeff Voight is a nasty sob. All the flowery, ima nice guy letters can’t hide the truth. Voight exposed himself to all and it ain’t pretty.

  8. I remember in college that no one wanted crabs. Now they are fashionable?

  9. Yes 4:23 when I was in the army to get rid of then you sand in from of a mirror and let them jump on the guy in the mirror. Their not smart

  10. CRAB has long outlived its usefulness and veered off into personal politics. This is hardly a group to objectively advise the council. Sometimes a group’s having been in existence for a long time is a reason to end it, not continue it blindly. There is no good reason now for Ridgewood and Glen Rock to be united in this one way and only this way. It’s dumb.

  11. If Jeff is writing a weekly newsletter to improve his image it is not happening. His image is in the toilet, under a slurry of shit. None of these stupid letters makes it better. Never will.

  12. Remember when Councilman Voigt went OFF on Heather Mailander at a council meeting? Screaming at her, his face all red, his little bald head pulsating…..he stood over her and the cop in the back of the courtroom was on full alert, spoke to Heather, asked her if she was OK. Then little Napolean stormed out and did not stay for closed session. Yes, Jeff Voigt, you are the essence of civility. We do not need your kind at village hall. Just. Quit. Now

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