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Councilmen Ramon Hache has Consitantly Promoted the Same Positions

ramone hache

Ramon Hache last campaign flier 

March 13,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, recently we have had a spat of emails and comments voicing concern over councilmen Ramon Hache changing his positions on key issues affecting the Village of Ridgewood . So the Ridgewood blog investigated if the criticism was valid or not and came to the conclusion is was not .

Ramon was against the oversized garage that was proposed by the “3 Amigos” . That garage over flowed the property line into the street a fact well hidden by the former administration.

12 thoughts on “Councilmen Ramon Hache has Consitantly Promoted the Same Positions

  1. He was also against development at Schedler when he was first elected he said he walked the property and decided it should not be developed. He was also against raising meter rates in the CBD. He changed on both positions.

  2. Increasing meter rates and hours would be an enormous mistake. When I read the Walker study’s conclusion that this would be necessary to fund the garage, and that all parking meter revenue would be funneled into paying off the garage rather than for other village expenses, as historically has been the case since Time Immemorial, I concluded: Therefore, building the garage is untenable. But that statement was taken at face value by the powers that be, even though increasing meter fees and hours HAS ALREADY FAILED ONCE. Huge huge huge mistake! Except at train stations there are NO parking meters in Midland Park, Waldwick, Ho-Ho-Kus, Allendale, Glen Rock, Wyckoff, Hawthorne, Ramsey, Saddle River, and many other surrounding towns with shops, restaurants, and services. Meters in Westwood cost TEN CENTS PER HOUR. C’mon, council–this is a no brainer, but you’re taking it to mean Yes instead of No! Just no! Please exhibit some vision and do not mortgage our futures for this mess, particularly when we are all concerned about changes in the tax law and other economic issues. It is the wrong time to break the piggybank for a questionable outcome.

  3. He also said that he wanted business owners and landlords in the CBD to put some skin in the game visa vie funding of a parking garage. No recent push by Ramon on making that happen.

  4. More dirty Politics !

  5. Question for Mr. Hache: Are you going to openly support Knudsen and Sedon for re-election? They went to bat big time to get YOU elected. Don’t forget who your friends are.

  6. 12:14pm . Not if he is thinking beyond Ridgewood. (remember Paul A?)

  7. 11:53 is absolutely correct.leaders get a firm grip.OUR town is not your soak EM down club..Election day of reckoning can not come soon enough,

  8. To me just the fact that Hache is now a RE saleman in RW is a big issue. His personal interests align with those of developers’. The issue becomes more serious now that he stands to probably be elevated to Mayor (if I am not mistaken).

  9. Norman, to play devil’s advocate, Hache got into real estate after being elected. Did that change his beliefs about the village? Perhaps, he was approached by those with development plans and was schooled on how great it would be for Ridgewood? I don’t dislike him but I’d continue to watch his actions and listen to what he says. Trust but verify.

  10. 11:27 I don’t agree with your comment, “He was also against development at Schedler when he was first elected he said he walked the property and decided it should not be developed.” To the contrary, I recall Ramon Hache openly agreeing to developing Schedler into some type of park/field, just not a 90’ft baseball field. He seems to be inline with that position till this day.

  11. A new council, mayor and village manager is badly needed. Communication is non-existent, the town looks a mess, and they continue spending time and money regurgitating the same issues. The prior council is long gone and it’s ridiculous to continue criticizing them for decisions that are the responsibility of this council today. And by the way. “three amigos” is a racist term. Stop using it. Leave the previous council alone and start holding this one accountable. Roberta did a much better job in terms of managing services and communicating with residents. And if there was one decent business person on the council they could have figured out a way to benefit financially for keeping Valley in town, as Paramus is now reaping the rewards with a payout from Valley. We should eliminate elected officials and replace with competent paid Village Manager and staff. I am a 25 year Ridgewood resident sick of paying through the nose for crappy service and personal agendas by incompetent representatives. I saw a garbage truck in Paramus yesterday that had an automated arm picking up trash. Another had a lever where the men placed the can and it automatically emptied the receptacle into the truck. Ho ho kus has vacuum trucks that pick up leaves. Why don’t we have these efficiencies? Instead we have broken down trucks, missed pickups, garbage piled in the street that gets picked up later, and garbage cans tossed 10 feet from your house. Leaves are still cluttering up storm drains because the pick up last fall was inadequate and mismanaged, but they quickly issued fines to residents last fall if leaves were put on a couple days early (I heard to the tune of $64K in fine revenue). The most recent storm communication was shovel your sidewalks and clear hydrants. There are tree limbs down all over town from town trees and I’m dragging stuff into my yard because I know the town will never pick them up. There is considerable room for village management improvement TODAY, but as long as people focus on blaming a council that’s been gone for 3 years this council will continue getting a pass for poor performance. Wake up people. We deserve better.

  12. 8:06 a.m. “Three Amigos is a racist term, ” you write. NO, IT IS NOT. Here is the origin from Wikipedia:

    Three Amigos (marketed as ¡Three Amigos!) is a 1986 American western comedy film directed by John Landis and written by Lorne Michaels, Steve Martin, and Randy Newman. Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short star as the title characters,[4] three silent film stars who are mistaken for real heroes by the suffering people of a small Mexican village and must find a way to live up to their reputation.Critical response

    ¡Three Amigos! received generally mixed reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 46% of 35 film critics gave the film a positive review, with a rating average of 5.1 out of 10.[10] Film critic Roger Ebert awarded the film one out of four stars and said, “The ideas to make Three Amigos into a good comedy are here, but the madness is missing.”[11] Janet Maslin of The New York Times gave the film a mixed review, writing that it was “likable” but lacked a “distinctive style”, and then certain jokes are crafted with “enjoyable sophistication”.[12] Caroline Wetsbrook of Empire awarded the film three out of five stars and wrote that it was “good-natured enough to sustain its ultimately thin premise”.[13]

    Despite this, the film has since been reviewed more favorably and has become a cult classic. Neil McNally of the website Den of Geek noted that the film was “unfairly overlooked” when first released, and praised the performances of Martin, Chase, and Short; the comedic scriptwriting of Landis; and the “sweeping, majestic” score by Bernstein.[14] The film was ranked #79 on Bravo’s list of the “100 Funniest Movies”.[15

    I actually took the film out of library and watched it. It is not racist.

    What I hate is misinformed people jumping on a politically correct bandwagon, without thinking and using political correctness to the detriment of the issue. The issue here is RACISM. You probably don’t give a damn about racism or you would have taken the time and thought to research the term Three Amigos that has been so frequently used on this blog. Don’t you think , ASSHOLE, (how about that for an expression) that the intelligent , educated and well-informed Ridgewood residents who contribute to this excellent blog would not have already years ago called out the term by now if it was racist since it has been used for about four years or more on this Blog.

    Do you think we need an idiot who thinks he is trendy and politically correct to tell us something about racism. I have a suggestion for you: Start reading excellent nonfiction in history and the classics in fiction. Are you even literate?

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