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Councilmen Voigt at an Alexandra Harwin Coffee

Alexandra Harwin

arch 11,,2018

the staff of the Ridewood

Ridgewood NJ, councilmen Jeff Voigt making the rounds to former Village managers house Roberta Sonenfeld for a coffee with Alexandra Harwin .He was one of five people who attended .

20 thoughts on “Councilmen Voigt at an Alexandra Harwin Coffee

  1. No surprise here. Voigt will support anyone who is not Susan or Mike.

  2. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  3. Voight needs his puppets on the council so he can become THE MAYOR.

  4. “winograd and 46 others liked it”..

    This one name should be enough to vote for someone else. We don’t need another Winograd puppet on the council. Two are enough.

  5. wow, just wow. he came in wanting to prosecute the prior council through some kind of McCarthy-esque investigation and now he supports the same candidate?

  6. Sonenfeld… Aronsohn… Hauck… Pucciarelli…

    We’ll call these losers the “4 amigos”. WAIT! Why weren’t Sonenfeld and Aronsohn indicted? Hauck, no words for that washed up clown. And, Pucciarelli is just a puppet… But, I digress…

  7. It looks more like a seyonce than a coffee. Wonder if Roberta was there stirring the cauldron.

  8. How many attended–five or 47?

  9. Jeff is driven by hatred. Not by a desire to do what is best for Ridgewood.

  10. 5 people. Does not sound impressive

  11. 5 attended…47 likes on the post

  12. This crew is up to something dirty!

  13. 46 likes sure beats the number of people that engage on the Mayor’s posts on FB. Should we be worried?

  14. This village went down, time to sell,move out. It’s overrated. I never seen so much bullshit in my life. What a mess.

  15. Voight was there…she just lost my vote!

  16. Was not at Sonenfeld’s House and there were a dozen people there, not including the hosts. (I was there, I counted.). Get your facts straight!!

  17. wrong it was and no one was there

  18. I don’t get it — that’s not a picture of Roberta’s house. So where’s the #FakeNews? Location? Attendees? Attendee count? What if anything can we believe here as accurate?

  19. stop its Roberta’s and there are maybe 5 people

  20. On your website, you say that you want to limit the height of a new parking garage but I do not see anything about the size of the foot print. Are you in favor of expanding it?

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