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Deadline to Register to Vote is Rapidly Approaching in Ridgewood

Vote Ridgewood NJ

photo courtesy of Dana Glazer

October 5th,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Voter-registration deadlines are quickly approaching in advance of the Nov. 8 general election. If you want to exercise your right to vote be it for or against Trump or Clinton or Full-Day Kindergarten you need to be registered to vote .There is still time if you still need to register to vote – or aren’t sure if you’re registered – here’s what you need to do before casting your ballot.

In the State of New Jersey :

– New Jersey’s deadline to register is Oct. 18.

– Check whether you are already registered at the New Jersey Department of State’s website.

– If you need to register, fill out the form for your county and bring or mail it to thecounty commissioner of registration or superintendent of elections for your county.

– The deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot is Nov. 1.

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