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Dear Anne and your “Anonymous” friends, You are misinformed.

Dear Anne Loving and your “Anonymous” friends,
You are misinformed. I did not cut the line at the Winter Fest event and I did not steal a seat from anyone on the hayride. The Ridgewood Walks group had a “back stage” look at Winter Fest. It included a VIP pass on the hay ride, which was offered to us, not requested by us. When I saw that the line was long I made my group wait, right along with the others. The only difference was that we walked around the park instead of standing on line. We had someone hold a place for us. That person let every one else who joined the line know that a party of 8 (not 15 as you mentioned) would be boarding the ride before them.
When I got back to the loading area I spoke to every single person on the line and thanked them for their patience. I wished them a happy holiday and gave them candy canes and other gifts. No one. Not a single person expressed angst. Everyone was cheerful and happy.
It is beyond me how you feel justified to assassinate my character here and on other digital platforms. You saw a mere glimpse of something and made up a negative story about it. If you were truly concerned about the people who were left waiting in line you might have spoken to them yourself. You might have even taken the time to speak to me. Your outrage over something that didn’t happen is confusing.
I appreciate your concern, but the degree in which it was expressed was completely unwarranted. There are lots of people in our beautiful community who work diligently to place a spotlight on all the great things we have to appreciate here. It would be a shame if their desire to do good is snuffed out by untrue accusations and character assassinations. In the future, please make sure your facts are correct before you try to tear people apart. Better yet, look for the good in everyone. I promise you, you’ll find it.
Jeanne Johnson

47 thoughts on “Dear Anne and your “Anonymous” friends, You are misinformed.

  1. It must suck for Anne & Boyd to always be right on every issue….

  2. The cat fight is on.

  3. The moral of this story for the Loving’s and for all those like me who bought into verbally lynching this nice woman without knowing all the facts:

    Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. — Matthew 7:1-2

    Jeanne Johnson, I apologize.

    Diane Palacios

  4. A line is a line. Having someone “hold your place” is a slap in the face to those who have already stood there all that time while you go off and stroll around.

  5. Diane did you read Matthew 7:1-2 before your previous post?

  6. Jeanne Johnson is really pissed off, isn’t she. Indignation when you are dead wrong is, well, it is dead wrong. Give it up JJ.

    I saw that Anne Loving posted a reply to this on FB.

    Jeanne – You should read my original post. I never mentioned your name on Facebook. Your name is there because you yourself opted to post. I did not assassinate your character. I criticized the action that I personally witnessed, but I purposely did not say a word about you. As you have indicated, many individuals have hosted the Ridgewood Walks events.

    When you posted, you stated that you had a group of 15. I did not make that number up – please re-read what you wrote.

    To your suggestion that I “might even take the time to speak to you” – as you well know, I spoke to you directly the moment it happened. When I saw you at the event, I asked you “are you cutting the line?” And you replied “yes, I am a VIP.”

    I am sorry you are so affronted. I have praised the Winter Fest and I have praised the Ridgewood Walks on numerous occasions; these are two of many wonderful events and activities in our town. I cannot, however, praise what happened. I will, as you suggest, continue to look for the good in everyone, most especially in you and your Ridgewood Walks. And perhaps you might, as I am now suggesting, consider that sometimes it is a good idea to simply say “wow, I’m sorry, that was the wrong thing to do.” Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  7. Cutting the line by having someone hold a space for 15 people is the height of arrogance. So she admits she cut, but was too lazy to stand there. Wow, JJ is something else. Boo on Ridgewood walks,

  8. Well from what I gather Anne Loving was THERE so she knows what happened. Everyone else is just speculating. And Ms. Walks openly admits to cutting the line.

  9. JJ the biggest manipulator of truth

  10. Oh, so if you let people know that 15 people will be cutting in line, then that makes it ok. Right.

  11. Diane how practicing what you preach

  12. I love it. You leave the dam lines that’s it. See you later. To bad.

  13. Hi Ms.Johnson

    Did you say to Anne “It pays to be VIP?”

    If so what does VIP stand for in that sentence?
    V = ?
    I = ?
    P = ?

    Are paying Guild card holders or the participants of the Boiling Savings community program also VIP?

    Is rest of the community not-VIP? Just IP or maybe just P?

    Please confirm and elaborate.

    Thank you.

    Steve Kim

  14. Ah yes , the Anne and Boyd show.
    There is something seriously wrong with a couple that will do anything and everything on the social gadfly level to get their agenda across. What grown man runs around town with a camera sticking his nose into other people’s business? Freaks….

  15. Sometimes the average taxpayer feels like we are not in the special talented people category..many times like the
    unwanted Mega Hudson Street Garage projects massive expenditure..we know we are on the back of the line with no proxy up ahead to clear a path to fiscal responsibility .
    Fact that they also want to butcher the train stations pedestrian walks and side lawns is futher proof that the VC let them eat cake mindset prevails..AT LEAST until election days ahead however a lot of damage will have been done.

    GARAGE Supporters and Developers we still wish you all a safe and happy holiday from the back of the line taxpayers.

  16. Jeanne Johnson is looking more ridiculous by the moment with her change in story (fewer people now?) and her denial that cutting in line is actually cutting in line if someone is standing there holding the spaces (huh?) Why is it OK to bump people for any reason, even if some unspecified person gave you permission? You could have said NO, I will wait at the end of the line with my VIP’s. SMH

  17. The story has changed now and Anne has already published her response, Anne and Boyd spend a lot of their personal time and energy to improve VOR, they have no hidden agendas and they do not want anything in return, this is really important since most of the do gooders, believe in getting something back, some want favors, some just the VIP tag. Thanks for all that you do Anne and Boyd!!

  18. I was at Stop & Shop today. I bought some produce and sometimes at the self-service check out, it doesn’t work and machine says “help will be on the way.”I thought I was careful because I bought a bag of navel oranges that had a scanner label on the bag. But no, even though I scanned them I had to wait for help. I got impatient waiting and started to call for help out loud with an angry voice. And then I was wondering if Boyd and Anne would see me impatient and take my pic and post it. Me yelling in the store and being mad. But then I would do as Anne suggests in her above comment. I would say WOW!! WOW!! I was wrong. Except I never say Wow. What should I do? ha ha, Happy Holidays Everyone.

  19. We all love Boyd and Anne. They seek the truth and they speak the truth. They are not running for office or parading around with signs or butting in lines. They just ask questions and they quietly lend support without getting their names plastered on anything.

  20. Its not just VIP status, this dogooder gets a cut in the grants.

  21. People really value the news that Boyd covers for Ridgewood and the area. I regularly see his credits on CBS, NBC and ABC television. I am proud to know him, even though I don’t really know him, but I know who he is. Thank you Boyd

  22. She gets a cut of the grants???

  23. Why don’t you both get a life of your own and stay out of other people’s business?????? These posts serve no useful purpose other then to make someone feel bad.

    Anyone who runs around with a camera and/or hangs out in crowds reporting on other people’s actions needs a lot of professional help in my opinion. Who appointed you judge and jury? Who wants your opinion????

    If I lived near these 2 losers I’d wonder if, how and why they were spying on me.

    I’m wondering why anyone defends these two?

  24. Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane…they will save us…

  25. “Quietly lend their support…..” Yes, a camera is quiet.

  26. The taking of photographs and/or videos by private citizens and media personnel is permitted within areas open to general public access and occupancy and is permitted under the US Constitution in the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. (Christopher Sharp v. Baltimore City Police Department, et. al.). No citizen has the expectation of privacy when they are in public regardless of their status as a victim, juvenile or offender.

    A civilian may video record or photograph a police and public safety activities as long as they:

    1. Remain at a reasonable distance;
    2. Do not interfere with the duties and responsibilities of police and other public safety personnel;
    3. Do not create a safety concern for the officer, a person detained, a victim, other persons or themselves.

    A citizen’s right to record police activity is coextensive with that of the press. There should be no burden on an individual’s right to record police activity than they place on members of the press. A citizen does not need “press credentials” to record police officers engaged in the public discharge of their duties.

  27. It was not too long ago that people respected each other and minded their own business. Have no idea of accurate circumstances of what happened, but if someone cut the line in front of me we would have to say something to them. If you can’t do that it really does not good to post on social media.

    As for the persons that disrupted a line for a nice event, have you no shame or self-awareness? Just an awful selfish thing to do on any public line however it was done.

    As for running around, listening to police and fire radios, and taking pictures, where I come from that is known as a very creepy and deeply disturbed person. Mind your own business. The world will be a much better place if people just minded their own business. Get a life.

  28. to the person wh said mind your own business and get a life……as an outsider looking in I would say you are not minding your own business so why don’t you practice what you preach

  29. Wait….Jeanne Johnson gets a cut from public grant money? No wonder she’s always pushing for grants no matter how preposterous the project; bike lanes to no where, bike racks, walks etc. At a Village Council meeting she said “grant money is free money” and suggested we apply for and get all of it. She had no regard for other municipalities with real need. Same mentality as cheating the line, screw the real purpose for grants and organizations, she’s going to get hers before everyone else does (whether she needs it or not, right or wrong).

    Those of you bashing the Lovings and sticking up for Jeanne Johnson’s heinous behavior ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  30. What is the price tag for VIP status in Ridgewood? How does one qualify and who serves on the VIP selection panel?

  31. What a mean spirited, self centered brat. To believe you are more important than others, and deserve special treatment, is arrogant, egotistic and narcissistic. Get in the back of the line and wait your turn like every other person in the community did.

  32. Wow! She seriously can’t see the wrong in what she did? She’s defending her misbehavior and lack of integrity by adding insult to injury. Unbelievable!

  33. Jeanne Jeanne she’s so fine
    She just loves to cut the line.
    She smiles with dazzling pearly whites
    Then claims that she has extra rights.
    She says she’s the best asset in town,
    Yet she acts like a demented clown.
    Ridgewood Walks, Ridgewood Talks,
    More like: Jeanne Johnson Squawks.

  34. The Hatings you mean. Aligned with the angry mob in town that bullies people. How do you people compare that someone that generates positive programs for our community and neighborly collaboration and celebration.

  35. you mean makes money off grant writing

  36. Someone who is a self-designated asset to community relations cut the line. With 15 people. Real nice.

  37. bad behavior is bad behavior no exceptions , fake VIP or otherwise

  38. A little confused here. The Lovings did not cut the line. The Lovings did not claim VIP status. How are they being compared to someone who did?

  39. some people think they are entitled and they are not , so they are mad when they were called on their poor behavior by Anne and a few others

  40. Seriously, we are adults. The cutting in line incident was resolved by the adults in line without any undue mayhem. We didn’t need Big Brother to take a picture and post it on social media.

    Damn! I think it is wrong for every action to be potentially spied on and put on social media. By publicizing every incident you are making mountains out of mole hills and causing undue unfair embarrassment to people who have essentially done nothing wrong. People talk , people act, not everything is perfect but people resolve minor peccadillos themselves. As in this line-cutting case.

    I mean it’s like some kid watching other kids and tattling to parents about an incident that was already resolved.
    I believe that the potential to be put on social media every second hinders spontaneity hinders joyousness in life. It’s like some Dictator Big Brother is watching and judging you all the time.
    And not every submission to social media should be posted. But hell, in this day and age if someone can be embarrassed by golly some witchy people will take advantage of that.
    Let us resolve to all live joyously spontaneously and not worry about minor errors, they are bound to occur. We are human, not perfect. Let us resolve for the New Year not to let social media spoil our Love of Life. Let us refuse to respond to garbage. And that includes me. I was sucked into responding to this stupid cutting in line incident, which NEVER should have been posted in the first place.
    Diane Palacios

  41. actually a child with disabilities was prevented from going on the carnage ride , and once again the rules apply to everyone not just some people, as for spying on you don’t get your hopes up the only spy or stalkers in this town are Aronsohn supporters and a few assorted loser weirdos

  42. A child with disabilities looking for a carriage ride–that’s my definition of a VIP who should go ahead of others in line.

    As for whether everybody was smiling–sure, they were there to have fun, and it has become absolutely unacceptable to criticize others’ behavior, especially to their faces. I would not take general acceptance of the situation by others in line to mean that it was really OK (speaking hypothetically, whether or not this actually happened as described), but instead that most people don’t want to make a fuss and may not even notice when something slightly unacceptable is happening. Somehow when someone misbehaves in public (again speaking only theoretically and in general), it’s everybody else who feels embarrassed, not wanting to be the one to say nay. BUT…that isn’t true everywhere. Imagine the identical situation happening in New York City and how others in line would have reacted.

  43. Diane Palacios you are one of the people who complains about the tiniest of minutiae all the time. Whydontcha practice what you preach?

  44. Diane next time you are waiting in line for something, anything, and one person gets in line ahead of you and informs you that she represents 15 others who will be joining her to bump you back…..well, then let us know how minor this seems. Add to it freezing cold and add to it children who are waiting for a ride on a horse.

  45. in the port authority you would have been throw in front of a Bus

  46. My friend’s father once punched a guy in the face at Port Authority for cutting in line

  47. I think I know that guy lol

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