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Democrat Van Drew Says No to “Jersey Shore Tax”


June 28,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, taxes are getting so outrageous in New Jersey even some Democrats are getting nervous . State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1) said he opposes a seasonal rental tax.
“This is something that I thought a lot of us had made clear, that there is an out-migration of people from New Jersey and we have to be really careful on what we do, and we really have to be careful about adding on more and more taxes and fees. New Jerseyans have been taxed, tolled and charged to death.”

The fact is there are plenty of Beaches in Driving distance that are not in New Jersey

2 thoughts on “Democrat Van Drew Says No to “Jersey Shore Tax”

  1. Too bad (and too late) for the Democrats… Socialism is on the rise and is consuming the Democrat party.
    Can you say Ocasio-Cortez…

  2. Van Drew allows the Democrats to maintain a majority so how he votes individually doesn’t really matter. Stop being fooled New Jersey.

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