October 10,2017

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Ridgewood NJ, Fall trout-stocking has become of the most popular stocking programs offered by Fish and Wildlife, particularly since 2006 when the Division began stocking only larger two-year old trout. Anglers enjoy the additional fish provided by the Division as well as the opportunity to fish the waters of New Jersey during one of the most beautiful times of year. The big fish, cool water, great weather and spectacular scenery combined to make the fall season what many consider to be New Jersey’s premium trout fishing season.

Fall stocking begins Tuesday, October 10 in 2017 and concludes on Wednesday, October 18. All trout are raised at the division’s Pequest Trout Hatchery. Any trout not caught during the fall will also be available all winter long for anglers to enjoy. Many are even caught the following spring.

Waters stocked during the first week of fall stocking are the 16 large streams and rivers in northern and coastal areas, such as the Big Flatbook, Pequest River, South Branch Raritan River, Musconetcong River, and the Manasquan and Toms Rivers. During the second week, 21 ponds and lakes in the central and southern portions of the state are stocked. All fall-stocked waters may be fished as soon as they are stocked (no “closed waters” during fall stocking).

2017 Updates

NOTE: Due to general low flow conditions some individual stocking points may not be stocked this fall. Stocking truck drivers will determine if each location has enough water to allow for stocking on the day of the run. If conditions do not allow for a point to be stocked, the fish allocated for that stocking point will be spread out among the other stocking points on that same river or stream as conditions allow. Please check the Updates for the latest information.

During the 2017 fall trout stocking season the Division of Fish and Wildlife will stock more than 20,000 trout in the state’s major trout waters. The fish will be stocked from the Pequest Trout Hatchery from October 10-18.

Trout measuring approximately 14″ up to 22″ in length and weighing one-and-a-half pounds to almost eight pounds will be stocked. These Rainbow Trout will be stocked in 16 streams and 21 ponds. The number of ponds increased beginning in 2016 with six waters moved from the Winter Stocking Program (see Updates) over the two-week period.

As in past years, streams (except the Maurice River) are stocked the first week, and ponds and lakes are stocked during the second week. The majority of streams stocked in the fall support holdover trout fisheries, providing anglers opportunities for larger trout to be caught year-round.

The stocking boundaries for streams are the same as in the spring (see the current Freshwater Digest for information). There are no closed dates during the fall stocking period. Updates to the fall stocking program will be posted as necessary.

Friday, October 13


Wanaque River – 330
Ramapo River – 930