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Dog Walkers Not Removing Dog Waste in Ridgewood


June 11.2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog picked this up off a Facebook group “it takes a Ridgewood Village” ,the author Anne LaGrange Loving gives the latest on her dog walking experience ,  “So here is a new one (to me). I was walking my elderly dog very early this morning and up ahead I saw a woman walking a dog. He pooped, she stopped to bag it, and then she left the bag full of poop there on the grass. What? I could not believe it. I continued walking, but she was getting further ahead because my old dog is pretty slow and we cannot cover much ground at all. But lo and behold, several houses later I saw the same thing happen, bag of poop left behind again. Besides being extraordinarily rude (and I believe against local law), it struck me as really weird that she would bother to bag it if she was not going to take it. Shaking my head.”

9 thoughts on “Dog Walkers Not Removing Dog Waste in Ridgewood

  1. Next time get her name so the home owners can call the police.

  2. My dog is trans-species…he thinks he’s a squirrel and squirrels don’t need to pick up after themselves…

  3. Amplifying nonsense spouted by a single self important busy body is by far the least useful application of the internet.

  4. not everyone in town wants to live in a sh$thole

  5. 12:48 – up in the middle of the night trolling the blog. You are pitiful man, this is what your life has come down to.

  6. How is the contamination at the town garage any report on that or to complex and political for you to dive into

  7. at least it was bagged. too many neighborhoods, mine included, are a disgusting mess

  8. Taxed to death…..apparently not because you are still alive and posting nackass comments

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