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Dr. Fishbein’s Letter on New Safety measures for the Ridgewood School District


Dear Parents/Guardians:

To better secure our schools and most importantly, our children and staff, the Ridgewood Public Schools has recently incorporated the TPASS K-12 Visitor Management System into our daily safety protocols. This system operates with ID card readers now installed outside the main entrance at all of our schools. They have the ability to “red flag” visitors not allowed on school grounds and also create a visibly distinct visitor badge. We will pilot our process at Ridgewood High School starting Monday, October 1 and go live at all schools on Monday, October 8.

The system works as follows: • All doors continue to be locked at our schools when schools are in session. • Visitors – including parents or guardians – ring the main office and announce yourself, then you will be required to place the QR code of your driver’s license or state ID in the card reader. Once buzzed in you must go directly to the main office to receive a visitor’s badge. The first time you swipe your ID, you will have your picture taken when you go to the main office. That picture will be stored so you will only have to do this once. Schools may offer times to come in to have your picture taken. Each school will set their own Visitor Management picture taking schedule. Neglecting to go immediately to the main office will result in a lockdown of the entire school and a police response. Below is a picture demonstrating where to insert your driver’s license.

To aid in eliminating non-essential entry to our K-8 school buildings, we have added the following protocols: • Lunch drop-off: Coolers are located outside the main entrance of all K-8 schools for lunch drop-off. Please remember to label your child’s lunch. Lunches will be distributed.


• Musical instruments and other school materials: If your child forgets something, I ask that you please do not bring the item to school but rather work with your child to develop a plan for remembering the item going forward.

All parents, guardians, caregivers, visitors and vendors will be required to follow these procedures. I have instructed our office staff to treat everyone equally. If you come to pick up your child for an early dismissal, e.g., going home sick or for an appointment, please remember to bring ID so that you can enter the building to sign out your child.

I know you understand the importance of adhering to our safety procedures, despite some inconveniences. If we all follow these procedures consistently, we will add another layer of security to our already safe schools. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Fishbein, Ed.D Superintendent of Schools

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