Public info: Due to the excess of snow closings, schools will be OPEN on Friday, April 13. Read Dr. Fishbein’s letter:
March 12, 2018
Dear Ridgewood Public Schools Community,
Today I am writing to inform you that based on the number of emergency closing days we have used so far this year, students will have a regular school day on Friday April 13, 2018. Any additional emergency closing days will be further taken from Spring Recess week, starting with Thursday, April 12 and working backwards.
By way of explanation, we have exceeded the two emergency closing days that the Ridgewood Board of Education builds into the school calendar. To date, we have had three weather-related closings. Please take a look at the 2017/2018 calendar adopted by the Ridgewood Board of Education on March 7, 2016 for the proviso stating that additional weather-related closings will be made up using Spring Recess.
As we know from the recent storm, winter is not yet over. The good news is that spring is just around the corner. I can see the tulips pushing through, and the days are getting longer with a hint of warmer weather in the air.
Sincerely yours,
Daniel Fishbein, Ed.D
Superintendent of Schools