East Coast Burger : A long overdue positive revue
April 23,2013

Ridgewood NJ, I tried East Coast Burger on their opening week and as the owners have readily admitted, it was a bit of a disaster.  I vowed never to go back.  Much has changed since I gave them a second chance.

They had a lot to sort out as most new businesses do…and sort it out they have.  My wife has since declared it the best burger she’s had – we’ve had so many that when I call in an order now they know who I am and finish the order for me!

The owners are great guys and always so welcoming and friendly (one of the guys even gave me a bag of frozen ghost chilis from his personal stash after discussing my love of super hot peppers).

That leads to the next point, these guys are a local business and they are running it. They are there all the time and care deeply about their product and their customers.  I wish ECB was everywhere because the burgers are incredible…not the greasy mess of five guys (although those are delicious too).  These guys are the type of people our town should support…homegrown family business – not the atrocities being proposed by village hall like mcdonalds, etc…gross.  Ridgewood needs more businesses like this.  We would be a better town for it.  I just wish I had the nerve (and the time) to try to build something like these two have.

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