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Eastern Armored Services to handle Ridgewood parking meter coins


APRIL 15, 2015    LAST UPDATED: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 2015, 7:17 AM

Village officials have authorized the signing of a contract with an armored car service to provide transportation and counting services for coins collected by the village from parking meters.

With a resolution adopted earlier this month, Ridgewood entered into an agreement with Trenton-based Eastern Armored Services for the secure transport, counting and subsequent depositing of coinage from the Parking Utility.

The measure is another step to prevent theft in the wake of the $460,000 in coins that were stolen by former Public Works employee Thomas Rica between 2010 and 2013 and the subsequent 2015 audit, which posits that an additional $377,000 in coins had been swindled during that time.

Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld said this agreement would relieve the village of its duty to count coins, handing off the job to an outside company, which would then deposit the collected coins in the bank.

10 thoughts on “Eastern Armored Services to handle Ridgewood parking meter coins

  1. They will need something bigger then that with all the new fees they are charging.

  2. Will Tommy Rica be driving the truck?

  3. The photo is great, James! How about Paul, Albert, Gwenn and Roberta ride this into the council meetings.

  4. I really have to wonder what the cost of such a service is? I can’t believe, that with this, as well as all the other administrative costs that go into running the parking controls, that it can really be net-profitable.

  5. Get Saudino to collect the quarters in his MRAP!

  6. thats funy

  7. boy o boy they are still trying to sweep this under the rug. who else new about this.

  8. Roberta and rutishauser can drive around in it together. She loves talking about all her outings with Chris, she gushes like a schoolgirl whe she speaks his name.

  9. yes because she know shit about what the town needs . he knows. he may be the next manager.

  10. boy tom made out dam good in my eyes. so what he has to pay half back. can you say deal.

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