Exercise Is the Best Medicine at the Valley Hospital Health and Fitness Center
January 10, 2013

Start the New Year off Right:  Discounted Memberships Being Offered

Ridgewood NJ, Start the New Year off right with a discounted membership at The Valley Hospital Health and Fitness Center.  Now through February 28, receive discounted pricing and one free month when you sign up for an initial membership.

Valley’s Health and Fitness Center is a unique exercise facility designed specifically for individuals who do not want to join a traditional health club or for whom a health club may not be appropriate.  This includes individuals who have just completed physical, occupational, pulmonary or cardiac rehabilitation who wish to maintain and improve on the progress they made but still want professional guidance.  It also includes individuals with special health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, or orthopedic issues who want a personal plan of exercise that addresses their health concerns.

Valley’s Health and Fitness Center, part of The Valley Hospital Sports Institute, offers professionally supervised fitness programs designed by exercise and healthcare professionals.  The Center’s knowledgeable and encouraging staff will design a personal program of exercise for each client and provides support, education, and the proper progression that they need to put them on the road to a healthier, more fit lifestyle.

“We initially developed this facility because we recognized a real need for a professionally supervised program for patients who have completed rehabilitation but are not quite ready to exercise on their own,” said Don Tomaszewski, MS, ATC, Director of the Sports Institute.  Then we also began to see that many other individuals, particularly those with health concerns who may be hesitant to begin an exercise program, could also benefit from a Health and Fitness Center that offers a wide range of exercise programs in a safe and supervised environment”.

Valley’s Health and Fitness Center offers specialized programs designed for seniors, and weight management, as well as disease management and prevention.  Clients who join the Center receive a one-on-one health and wellness consultation, a physical fitness evaluation, and instruction in a personally tailored exercise program.  In addition, correspondence and recommendations from your physician will be used in designing your exercise program.  Sessions include: instruction in resistance training, cardiovascular workouts, and exercises designed to promote flexibility, good posture and balance.

The Health and Fitness Center is conveniently located at 555 Route 17 South in Ridgewood.  To schedule a free consultation and tour of the facility, or to learn more about the Center’s programs and fees, please contact the Center at 201- 447-8133 or [email protected]