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FACT CHECK: Cory Booker Is Neither a ‘Truth-Teller’ Nor a ‘Determined Purveyor of The Truth’


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New Jersey senator tells SXSW that he is on front-lines in fight with fake news

BY: Brent Scher Follow @brentscher
March 11, 2017 5:00 am

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker (D.) described himself in a Friday interview at South By Southwest as a “determined purveyor of the truth,” but a Washington Free Beacon analysis finds that Booker has a long history of getting caught straying from reality.

Booker, who was introduced by his interviewer as “the incredible Cory Booker,” gave a speech to the crowd at the annual Austin tech conference, which will also hear from former Vice President Joe Biden over the weekend. His comment about being a “truth-teller,” however, came during an interview for Facebook Live, which can be viewed below.

9 thoughts on “FACT CHECK: Cory Booker Is Neither a ‘Truth-Teller’ Nor a ‘Determined Purveyor of The Truth’

  1. Must have changed to republican.

  2. Please park the ex mayors vanity POL kiss up shots in his wranglers.Sick of seeing them.

  3. nope same old light weight

  4. I’m wild about Cory.

  5. Bloviator

  6. Aronsohn panting like a little puppy dog, hoping for some crumbs

  7. Empty suit. All tweets, no action. f’n Christie could have appointed a senator but horse-traded to give CB a nugget so he didn’t run against him in the Gov race.

  8. He’s just so dreamy. I can’t wait for him to run for President in 2020.

  9. Scammer

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