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Felina is Open in Ridgewood

photo by Mayor Ramon Hache

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in time for Restaurant Week the central business district welcomes a new restaurant Felina  and according to Mayor Ramon Hache, ” Food, drinks and service were amazing. Thank you Chef Anthony Bucco @chefabucco and staff.”

The Opening was a hit with patrons who like the mayor raved over the food and service.

Felina is located in the old Citizens bank or Bank of America building which formally housed “FISH” . On their Facebook page Felina is described as the first collaboration between Frank Cretella and Chef Anthony Bucco and the newly formed hospitality group, Eat Drink Celebrate.

The culinary experience will center around the Agricultural harvest of the Garden State, and the culinary influence will be drawn from the traditions of Italy.

The bar program at Felina, will reinforce the appeal and glamour of cocktails with a nod towards the classics. The well selected wine list will focus on small producers from both the new and old world.

The architectural elements paired with the unconventional bank setting will be provide the perfect memorable backdrop to any experience.

54 East Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Get Directions
Call (551) 276-5454

11 thoughts on “Felina is Open in Ridgewood

  1. I guess the taxpayers owe everyone a 25 million dollar raised garage to help their seating ratios

    towns a joke ..people leaving left and right//roads on both main streets are in shambles I don’t care if some are county roads…get them fixed..lobby that issue//

  2. I don’t know if this is true or not we heard that they are charging for the parade on the table, please don’t tell me it’s so!

  3. Any one else. Try this place yet.

  4. The roads have been and still are AWFUL

  5. I’m glad we have another restaurant in town. We don’t have enough. And its such a nice model to plan our Village around. Mutliple restaurants fighting for the same diners. Cars driving in and out of town all night. Its just wonderful.

  6. What is “the parade on the table”?

  7. “I don’t know if this is true or not we heard that they are charging for the parade on the table…”
    What is “the parade on the table”?

  8. Average taxpayer beyond angry..we know they don’t care
    and they don’t intend to change overdevelopment plans..
    A disgrace..

  9. Yes they are charging for 🥖 bread.
    Had a very disappointing meal
    there last night. Mediocre food,
    very expensive and terrible service.

  10. A “parade on the table” is when Paul Vagianos and Tony Damiano get on the table and whine and complain about parking.

  11. At least our salesman/mayor has the big bucks to enjoy ‘classic’ cocktails while he and the new VC bond us into financial oblivion.

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