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Fireworks Erupt at Ridgewood Village Council Meeting Over Bogert and Cambridge Parking

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March 23,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, as public comment broke up at tonight’s council meeting all but 3 Bogert Cambridge residents actually stayed for the public hearing . One resident who was most strenuously opposed to the parking ordinance on Bogert and Cambridge, approached the woman who has championed the ordinance as she was with her young children in the hallway, and began screaming obscenities in her face.

Mrs. McWilliams simply continued to try to dress her children to leave and the resident who identified herself at comment as Erin Taddei, began yelling that she was going to sue Mrs. McWilliams sprinkled with many many obscenities not often heard at a council meeting and not appropriate for children’s ears.

She needed to be physically restrained from approaching Mrs. McWilliams and she was physically dragged down the hallway by her husband as she continued to scream obscenities and threats of lawsuit at the mother, who simply walked away, and back in to the courtroom.

It has been reported that a police report has been made . This is not what we accept at meetings. If you are angry about  a parking situation, have a discussion or lively debate. No one should resort to threats and obscenities.  The woman could be bared from council meetings as she does not seem to understand the decorum required.

53 thoughts on “Fireworks Erupt at Ridgewood Village Council Meeting Over Bogert and Cambridge Parking

  1. To be fair, the Taddeis are the ones probably most negatively affected by the draconian new ordinance. It must have spun the Mrs. up “bigly” for her to lose her temper like this in public. Kind of a shame we have to witness such acrimony between close neighbors but these things happen sometimes. Both ladies have many fine qualities FWIW, hopefully they can find some way to work this out without involving the court system!

  2. Wow

  3. These statements are completely libelous and I will be pursuing legal action. Erin Taddei

  4. Can someone other than Mrs. McWilliams and Mrs. Taddei confirm or dispute these allegations?

  5. I was present last night when a brief exchange took place that did not remotely resemble what was posted. There were no obscenities shouted out and Mrs. Taddei was not dragged down the hallway by her husband. Sadly, this post is another example of how certain people abuse social media as a cyber- bullying vehicle. Unfortunately, Mrs. Taddei is the latest victim of the practices of a certain individual, who hides behind social media when combatting those with opposing views.

    Cyberbullying is defined as tormenting, threatening, harassing, humiliating, and embarrassing people using the internet, digital technologies, interactive technologies or mobile phones. Cyberbullying is a serious matter. Many young adults have already committed a homicide, suicide or turned to substance abuse after being involved in a cyberbullying incident. Perhaps this something that the Public Safety Director at my children’s school should become more familiar with. I recommend that the Ridgewood Blog remove the original post; in order to maintain its credibility.

  6. Actually having attended the meeting, I can attest to the fact that it’s a lie. I left with Erin Taddei and I saw no inappropriate behavior considering the fact that Ms. Whobin has been harassing her continuously. I find it ironic that Melanie talks about cursing when she said about Erin on FB, and I quote “Like I pointed out that people were bitching on behalf of one morons witch hunt with no facts,…You know what: What a first world problem to sit in our cosy house and be pissed your maid can’t park RIGHT in front of your home. What a luxury.” This was in regards to Erin. I find it embarrassing that a member of the Planning Board would behave so inappropriately, to lie and to call the police. And I commend Erin because there is no way I could have restrained myself after all the harassment that Melanie has sent her way. It’s time for the harassment to stop.

  7. I attended the meeting but remained after the first public comments section. I could hear voices in the hallway as a number of people left after the comments but could not hear anything distinctly. I will say I think the Bogert and Cambridge residents should have stayed to hear the Village Council discussion of the issue as I believe they have suggested amending the restrictions. It’s my understanding they will shortened the area of the ban by about 400 feet and limit the times as well.

    Also, during the comments section a resident stated the law prohibits the placement of unstamped flyers in any mailbox and could be subject to fines. This is true however there is an exception to this prohibition – door slots.

  8. It is with regret that I am forced to reply to this slanderous tale of a supposed event that occurred last evening after the open discussion forum of the Village Council Meeting. While this article may be presented as “news” it is nothing more than an attempt at intimidation to silence those most strongly opposed to the recently enacted parking ordinance on Bogert and Cambridge.
    The encounter between Mrs. Taddei and Mrs. McWilliams contained no yelling or obscenities as erroneously stated in the comments above. It is also factually incorrect to state that I in anyway restrained or physically dragged my wife down the hallway. Any suggestion that I would act in such a brutish way towards the person most important to me is further evidence of this slanted commentary.
    Finally for those readers who were not present at the Council Meeting and are reading this please note that I, Pasquale Taddei take full and public ownership of the contents of this response and juxtapose that with the owner of the previous comments who was unwilling to provide a full name. What are you hiding “James”?

  9. Ridgewood blog, please take this down. Do not let your blog be yet another vehicle for one woman’s need to bully her neighbor.

  10. I would just like to say that I walked out with Mrs. Taddei and these accusations are totally untrue. There was no yelling, no obscenities, and no physical restraining, and certainly no dragging down the hall.

    I am personally impacted by this ordinance, as are others. For people to visit me or come to help me with chores (I’m older), they have to park and walk a distance now. This is not easy when bringing equipment with which to help. And, of course, such people come during the day when this ordinance is in effect.

    Having lived here for 44 years and having raised 4 children who attended Travell school who walked there daily, I can truthfully say there was never a safety issue in all that time so it is difficult to understand where this safety issue is coming from all of a sudden.

    I wonder why anyone would choose to inflame this sensitive issue by posting inflammatory remarks about another…even the heading on this post is inflammatory. It’s sad that such drama is being projected over such an issue as an ordinance. A lot of the hard feelings which are coming out in this previously quiet, peaceful neighborhood could have been eliminated with input and discussion among the residents before this ordinance was enacted. This was not done and it seems the whole thing was done in a somewhat underhanded manner. This is definitely a breeding ground for bad feelings among residents.

  11. 10:04. It seems only fair. I do not know anyone involved. The original post makes one person look like a saint and the other look like a villan

  12. I was there and saw it. There most certainly were obscenities being shouted by Erin and threats of law suits while her husband forces my dragged her away. This was in front of Melanie’s kids. It was wrong. And frankly many other people saw it. If they don’t speak up they’re keeping quiet to not rock the boat. Libel? It’s TRUE..

  13. Erin Taddei all credibility or whatever there was the minute she deteriorated to this point. Period.

  14. The best was Melanie citing the state rule about not putting flyers in mailboxes. Way to zing em! I don’t know what happened At the meeting but I know that was a good one.

  15. Taddeis negatively affected– they have a 2 car garage and a double driveway that fits 4 cars.
    This is personal. We all know it.
    Did anyone hear Melanie say she has asked to have the parking restored in front of their home? I did. I heard her at safety meetings request that and I know she went to the officials the day the ordinance was implemented to ask that it be adjusted. What’s the grudge about??

  16. Robert Mills, you are using a fake name so watch what you say about cyber bullying.

  17. Okay ladies, calm down.

  18. It did come out later in the meeting that the ordinance was not implemented as intended.
    My take from the proceedings was what started as an ordinance approving safety stripes with no parking at the circle was then
    arbitrarily made into “No Parking” down a good portion of both streets. The Mayor and Councilwoman Walsh both commented that extent of what was done was not the original plan. What a mess!

  19. So if the intent of the ordinance was only to limit parking at the curvature of the road, why was Mrs. McWilliams so upset with the councils intent to change the ordinance to just that?

  20. Btw the anonymous poster who remarked that the Taddeis have a two car garage with room for 4 cars is lying because neither is true. I know for a fact because I’m a neighbor.

  21. A lot of direct witnesses have now directly contradicted the original account under their own names. They should be given the benefit of the doubt at this point.

  22. @11:26 I was at the meeting but did not hear that suggested. I believe it was suggested the hours be extended and in addition have the restrictions in place year round. Could you please tell me when that comment was made?

  23. Is it true that Robert Mills is a pseudonym? If so, that means that, of all the people who: 1) specifically said that they witnessed the interaction, and 2) had something negative to say about the Taddeis, none has revealed his or her name. The readers of this blog are smart enough to pick up on the telltale signs that the privilege of anonymity might be being misused…

  24. I think all of this get smoothed over once they pave North Pleasant. And Fairfield could use some surfacing attention too.

  25. Even supposedly pseudonymous Robert Mills contradicts the original account. Nobody with a name has has confirmed it. This is a TKO.

  26. Mr. Taddei how you can say you didn’t have to remove your wife is plain fibbing. I saw it and she was being atrocious. I don’t know how any person walking out managed to miss this scene.
    Melanie walked away as Erin continued to yell. That’s what happened. To say otherwise is absolutely lying or you can’t hear.

  27. Jeanette LaRocco you are as batty as they say

  28. 2:56
    Ridgewood mill and pave a road? Don’t hold your breath it’s Pothole Nation..moving trucks heading south…Town roads have been in shambles. For over 6 years,add in pseg gopher tunneling…its Beirut here now…hidden car repair tire replacement Tax.that PreK cost rings heavily
    two hands on the wheel on the highways to Hell in Ridgewood..

  29. Is James a pseudonym, who really crafted the original post? They have a great future as a fiction writer. Although “fake news” is very common today.

  30. 2.56 North Pleasant is worse than the Baha reefer road. Needs to be condemmed so Federal emergency tiger grants can be issued.print it Bond it Pave N Pleasant its a disgrace and Hazard

  31. Robert Mills, you idiot. James is not a pseudonym. His name is all over the place. James does not hide behind a pseudonym and pretend he witnessed an event that he was not there for.

  32. No resident in Ridgewood named Robert Mills.

  33. @4:23 I’ve always told my children – Say it; forget it. Write it; regret it. Personal attacks are very cruel and childish.

  34. James is James Foytlin. AKA: PJ Blogger Not a property owner. Lives at 144 S Maple Ave apt C2. Is a “management consultant”.

  35. Anonymous who called me batty you’re a coward. And it’s an honor because it means I hit a raw nerve and that I’m right. Insults are the currency if a limited imagination. At least I have the courage to give my real name. And whoever keeps saying Robert Mills doesnt live here, how would you know? You don’t, you’re just trying to muddy the waters. And if there really are people who dispute our honest accounts, then show your names otherwise I’m pretty sure your accounts are fictitious.

  36. Anonymous who called me batty you’re a coward. And it’s an honor because it means I hit a raw nerve and that I’m right. Insults are the currency of a limited imagination. At least I have the courage to give my real name. And whoever keeps saying Robert Mills doesnt live here, how would you know that? You don’t, you’re just trying to muddy the waters. And if there really are people who dispute our honest accounts, then show your names otherwise I’m pretty sure your accounts are fictitious.

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  38. James, did you witness the incident described in the blog or did an “anonymous” reader send you the blog to submit?

  39. This entire forum is a toxic mess.

  40. Jeanette Shriek it is easy to determine if someone lives in town. You do know how to use the internet, dontcha?

  41. What a surprise that Mr. Taddei is denying having to restrain his wife.

  42. Guys. It will be ok. Everyone is working hard.. it will work out… I am sure that everyone involved has the best intentions.. please be kind. The council is working in a million directions to make the village the place we want it to be… of course everyone wants kids to be safe. Breathe.

  43. I’m happy my good neighbors in Ridgewood are so understanding.

  44. “The council is working in a million directions” but really are they getting anything done?

  45. How about we move the residents of Pomander, who want no parking, to Bogert/Cambridge AND move the Bogert/Cambridge to Pomander and restore parking on Pomander. Win Win. This way the Council can keep their hands clean because as of late several seem too scared to act in any meaningful way regarding safety related to streets and their use.

  46. This entire post is completely embarrassing and slanderous to the Taddies . I was not present at the meeting but do know both these women . I can’t fathom that Mrs Taddei would behavior in any other manner then what is appropriate. If she did in fact lose her cool , well I ask you , who wouldn’t after being “harassed ” by another individual? This entire post should be taken down . What good is it other then to humiliate and embarrass a fellow citizen ? What good will this do ? No one that was not at the meeting needed to learn about this . Shame on the Ridgewood Blog for even posting this . This is where and why our children learn to cyber bully . I’m just disgusted.

  47. 9:42 if you google Robert Mills Ridgewood you find a John Mills property owner with an adult son named Robert living with him. Just because someone doesn’t owner property in Ridgewood does not mean he is not a resident.

    Having not been at this meeting I can not comment on what happened or didn’t happen. I do have two things I can say.
    1- knowing both ladies personally and through social media it is easy to speak on character and easy to believe which lady behaved poorly
    2-reading all of these comments the only people to use their names or to bother making up a name, if that is true, and not hiding behind “Anonymous” have all stated they were there and it did not happen as reported.

    Lastly I will say the first week of school as parents we have to sign an anti cyber bulling agreement on behalf of our children, wouldn’t it be nice if as adults dealing with adult life we did use cyber bullying. All of this is cyber bullying and all who subscribe to that manner of interaction are COWARDS!
    My name is here and I am a Ridgewood resident, just saying so my post is not disregarded

  48. I mis typed I do not recommend cyber bullying. Statement should have read
    Dealing with adult life we did NOT use cyber bullying

  49. welcome to peyton place ( ridgewood ) melanie who gave the town council fake information to get her way.

  50. I have been away for the last 2 weeks and returning home I had the displeasure of watching the council meeting on the comp. and walking through the neighborhood talking to many of the neighbors. It seems that not only is Melanie in Bernies lap but also the Mayor so sweetly referring to Melanie like she is some saint,in the meeting . FACT 1 Melanie has bullied many people in the neighborhood and some are too fearful to step forward so their kids don’t get involved in her mess. FACT 2 She has placed notes on people’s cars if they dare park across form her house ( in legal times) FACT 3 Her loud screaming at her kids and husband (?) can be heard on a daily basis and she acts like she owns the block.There isn’t a morning that you don’t hear her loud voice. FACT 4 YOU DONT OWN THE BLOCK NOW OR EVER . I hope people heard that she asked that the sign me removed from in front of her house, Please if you don’t like it here MOVE AWAY., I also learned last night that Bernie has lied about having the support of our neighborhood for this new ordinance, Not nice Bernie, , but we must judge people by the company they keep!!!!!!

  51. I agree that the mayor referring to Melanie as a saint lost her credibility with almost everyone in the travell community. She will no longer have our vote going forward. Melanie is probably the biggest bully and we in the travell community see it and feel it on a daily basis. Melanie has gotten into too many verbal altercations in and around travell with other travell parents to count. Not to mention all the altercations she has had with ridgewood residents on social media. She is an embarrassment to our town. Enough is enough Melanie, focus on your family life and leave the rest of us alone.

  52. 9:11 -Perfectly said.She is loud and abrasive as I have heard when walking my dogs around the block. .I have also heard from other residents she puts notes on peoples cars and is constantly screaming at her kids. Thankfully I am not in ear shot.

  53. Melanie is the biggest, evil, bully and cyber bully in town! Now that her husband left her can she leave too?

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