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Former Bergen Executive Loses Defamation Suit

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

River Vale NJ, Assemblywomen Holly Schepisi,”As we enter into what is commonly referred to as “the silly season” in NJ politics, I ask all candidates to remember that the truth matters. Stop with ridiculous made up attacks against your opponents, stop calling people who merely disagree with you on a policy racist, bigots, xenophobes, etc. Social media does not give you a blank check to lie about people. We are seeing people finally fighting back and winning against these libelous attacks. Here is the most recent example of politically motivated defamation in Bergen County.”

3 thoughts on “Former Bergen Executive Loses Defamation Suit

  1. So it’s not anonymity that is the problem, but telling falsehoods and unfairly scandalizing people. Note Mr. McInerny’s political affiliation–seeing a pattern here?

  2. Does anyone believe McNerney wrote this apology himself? Just as with everything he did you can’t see the strings and wires moving his various parts.

  3. Where does it show his political affiliation?

    How much were the “substantial monetary damages”?

    I don’t think whether he wrote the apology himself matters. The judge accepted it and he signed it. He should be forced to post it in the kitchen where his family can read it every day.

    Slander and libel in politics keep reaching new lows. The internet may seem like a good smokescreen and sometimes it is, but the perpetrator is often obvious. It’s all pathetic–childish, desperate, and dangerous. What people want to hear from candidates is their background and experience, evidence of their character, their intentions, and their political leanings. Mudslinging against opponents only makes them the best of a bad lot–and that’s if the mudslinging is truthful, which it often is not.

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