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Former Village Manager Takes the Heat for One Sided ParkMobile Contract in Ridgewood

Roberta Sonenfeld

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December 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council voted to terminate its contract with Parkmobile this week, after it was discovered that the Village had incurred huge service fees with the parking app they have used since 2015.

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The Fee issue was first raised publicly during an October meeting when CFO Robert Rooney told the council that the parking utility loses about 30 cents on the dollar every time the smartphone app is used. He said that since signing its contract with Parkmobile in February 2015, the village has paid $140,000 in service fees to the company.

Resolution 15-52 , the resolutions granting ParkMobile a 2 year contract ,clearly states that the Village will incur no additional service fees or contract fees .

Most of the blame has fallen on Roberta Sonenfeld who was the Village Manager, although she thought she was an elected official. The fact is she should never EVER have signed that contract when she was only authorized by resolution to sign a contract with NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

Reader stated , “that She bragged about her business prowess and being a Six Sigma expert. Based on her acrimonious, arrogant and ignorant behavior, she proved to be a Five Phi Failure!”


6 thoughts on “Former Village Manager Takes the Heat for One Sided ParkMobile Contract in Ridgewood

  1. Time to go back to the Quarter

  2. The cat is out of the bag , Village makes a lot of money from all these parking meters parking key houses parking tickets it’s a business. Don’t let them fool you

  3. You bet Sonenfeld is taking the heat. She did this. She cost us a BUNDLE

  4. A village manager worth his or her salt should SAVE us hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, not end up BLEEDING us for that amount! Who dreams this stuff up?

  5. 5:15…Ponzi ticket Town issuing operation for any reason including new visitors shoppers any tire over white line violations.Shoppers seen as both targets and idiots for even trying to shop & support the village
    businesses.Glen Rock 3 hours free shoppers welcomed.i am a VOR resident and get my haircuts there and visit Cvs and other stores in Glen Rock when I am there .Sad and true…town of ridgewood a wreck…

  6. And she came from my financial back and she came from my financial background Wow

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