November 17,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With the holidays right around the corner, shoppers are preparing for the biggest online shopping event of the year, Cyber Monday. During this annual, event consumers are at high risk for online fraud and need to be aware of how to not become a victim.

Antwayne Ford a government IT/cybersecurity expert and President/CEO of Enlightened, an Information Technology (IT) and Management Consulting firm provided some helpful tips to the Ridgewood blog to avoid fraud on Cyber Monday.

Some of his tips include:

Keep Computer Security Updated: Make sure your operating system, web browser, and anti-virus are up to date in order to avoid any viruses causing damage to your machine.
Avoid Clicking Email Links:  these coupons could be a scammer trying to lure you to a fake version of a legitimate shopping site to steal your information.  Instead, take note of the coupon code and then manually enter the store’s website where you can enter the coupon at checkout to receive any discounts.
Avoid Click on Ads: Hackers are getting more sophisticated at targeting your information by attaching malware to ads that run in the background when you click on them.
Avoid Public Wi-Fi: I know we all love using public Wi-Fi because it provides users with free access to the internet, but public Wi-Fi is NOT secure.  It is relatively easy for a hacker to fake (also known as spoof) Wi-Fi access and steal your personal information as you surf the web.  Even if a hacker doesn’t spoof the Wi-Fi, they can still use tools to look at all the internet traffic happening on the Wi-Fi and possibly steal your information that way