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Friends of Schedler is proud to endorse Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon for reelection to the Village Council

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Dear Neighbors:

Friends of Schedler is proud to endorse Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon for reelection to the Village Council.

When selecting a candidate for council, experience matters. Mayor Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Sedon have a dedicated track record of service through their role on the Village Council, as well as the various committees and boards that they have served on over the years. Susan and Mike have made significant improvements to the Village, including controlling overdevelopment, achieving a positive outcome with Valley Hospital and working towards a compromise for building a garage and for developing the Schedler property.

Susan and Mike govern responsibly and are always respectful of the concerns of residents. All too often interest groups either ignore or fail to recognize the many different neighborhoods that comprise the Village of Ridgewood. Susan and Mike have demonstrated a government of inclusion, providing residents from all areas of Ridgewood the opportunity to be heard.

Susan and Mike have demonstrated their integrity by undertaking a positive campaign, focusing on their achievements and plans for the future. Friends of Schedler urges all residents to go to the polls on May 8 and cast your vote for Susan Knudsen and Mike Sedon.

16 thoughts on “Friends of Schedler is proud to endorse Mayor Susan Knudsen and Deputy Mayor Mike Sedon for reelection to the Village Council

  1. Hahahahahahaha! This one writes itself. No comment needed. #SelfServingSusan

  2. Who is, friends of schedler. Is this real.

  3. Drove past Schedler today…it looks like Appalachia over there….

  4. you need to get out more

  5. Friends of Schedler is a large group with many members. Susan is not self serving. Saving a park and an historic home is part of larger, more global scope. I support environmental issues, parks, historic preservation , etc. not only in my area which happens to be all of Ridgewood but nation wide.

  6. This Village needs to come to the realization that the Harwin camp is not looking to better Ridgewood in any way, this candidate and her wannabe political groupies are looking to use this town as a stepping stone for what they think is the beginning of some pipe dream of a NJ political career. The math on the garage doesn’t add up and i’m surprised that a candidate that will drop her Ivy League education on anyone that will listen can not look at projected financials and figure that out. I’ve listened to council meetings where one pro Harwin supporter actually used the argument that a garage would result in less pedestrian / automobile accidents….this is the type of nonsensical argument that this group will throw out for effect. As is the similar argument the Harry Truman look alike threw out about the garage being the foundation for the future of Ridgewood. People, we need to use our brains…we need to vote in residents who are looking to better this town and effectively manage budgets so that the over taxation of residents does not lead to an exodus of the people from this town. The argument that since this parking debate has gone on for 20+ years so we should just build a garage makes no sense. We need to plan for the future by looking towards the future, not the past, as some residents would like. As someone that grew up in this town, I could care less that my parents generation wanted a garage, that belief doesn’t better this town or pay the bills. This garbage and slanderous platform that Harwin and her irrelevant, wannabe “political players” have launched should be beneath every resident in this town. They are not good for Ridgewood now and will not be good for this town in the future. The main problem we have is that this town’s majority have no idea about the weasle know nothings that are trying to change the core of Ridgewood. Get out and spread the word. The former mayor and his cronies are the past… not let these sub intelligent hacks dictate the future of this town.

  7. Silent Majority: tl;dr. When you can’t explain the sitting Mayor’s accomplishments in less than 25 words they have not accomplished anything. Explaining more helps less.

  8. Did her father vote on the endorsement of his daughter for this election then? That had to be so suspenseful. “Do I endorse my daughter or not?!?”

  9. Why did the Mayor choose to run with some unknown guy instead of the incumbent on the council wth her?

  10. All I know is we can’t afford anything like $11 million for ANYTHING.

  11. Mike was a well known reporter for the Ridgewood News

  12. 9:02 “unknown guy” You have to get out of your mothers basement more.

  13. 6:08 P.M. Fine, she saived a park you say, by taking down what, half of the trees, well, there are politicians who want to develop half of the Highands too. For your info, the Highlands supplies 70 percent of NJ water, and is in dire threat from developers. But Hey, Susan is a Saint. She brings everyone together by saving three trees and developing the rest of Schedler.

    Yes, I went to the Highlands program at the library last week sponsored by REAC. About 10 people were there including REAC members. Buy Hey, water and the land that saves it ain’t important.



  14. Whether or not mountains were moved with the council today I fear the mountains that will be built and collapse with Harwin who is supported by Aronsohn

    The last 2 years were spent undoing a lot of damage left behind by Sonenfeld and the other 3. Now let’s give them the next 4 years to move forward and show us what they can do and promised to do

    I would much prefer this option to the other…mud slinging is no way to run a campaign. If nothing else it showed poor judgement and a flawed character. So when I went into this with an open mind it was quickly tainted by the type of campaign Harwin chose to run with.

    It was all too familiar. Mean spirited and uninformed

  15. 9:02, was that a joke? Mike has been on the council for four years.

  16. 6:08 PM If you’re joking it isn’t funny and if you’re serious you are clueless.

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