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Furloughed Federal Workers May Be Eligible to Collect Unemployment Benefits

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Trenton NJ,  Furloughed federal employees assigned to work in New Jersey are eligible to apply for unemployment benefits.

Benefits are being paid to eligible federal workers beginning Dec. 23, 2018. Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo said eligible employees would be paid for the duration of the shutdown, no matter how far into the shutdown their unemployment claim is filed.

“Thousands of federal workers are waiting for a paycheck due to President Trump’s shutdown,” said Governor Murphy.“In these challenging times, we urge furloughed federal employees in New Jersey to apply for unemployment benefits to supplement any lost wages.”

Commissioner Asaro-Angelo added, “Tomorrow, furloughed workers will miss their first paycheck because of the shutdown. The Labor Department is ready to assist these workers with their unemployment claims and get them paid as quickly as possible.”

Furloughed workers are eligible to apply for unemployment in the state in which they are assigned to work. They will be asked to provide proof of wages. Employees who are furloughed (not working) are generally eligible for benefits, so long as all other state eligibility factors are met.

The maximum weekly unemployment benefit for 2019 is $696. Regular benefits are exhausted after 26 weeks.

Furloughed employees who collect unemployment but are retroactively paid for the furlough by their employer must repay all overpayments to the state from which they collected.

To learn more about unemployment eligibility, click here. To initiate a New Jersey unemployment claim, click here. To learn more about the effects of the shutdown, click here.

5 thoughts on “Furloughed Federal Workers May Be Eligible to Collect Unemployment Benefits

  1. Quite a sweet deal.
    1) Paid Time Off (the are guaranteed to get all backpay when the government reopens) with no impact to existing sick, vacation or personal days.
    2) Ability to take a 2nd job (perhaps Cash – off the books) to make more money
    3) and now unemployment benefits.
    Thats a nice chunk of change.
    If I was a furloughed government worker I’d be praying for a long, long, long shutdown.
    I’d be raking in the dough with the bonus of looking sympathetic.

  2. Chuck has a monsters leer and Nancy has crazy eyes. The faces of Liberal America.

  3. Any unemployment benefits will have to be paid back when back pay is received (I guess you cannot read?). It’s being used as a bridge for those federal employees whose savings will not cover their expenses for the time being. At present, very few federal employees have filed for unemployment. Facts matter . Reading comprehension matters

  4. Creature feature

  5. Re: “Any unemployment benefits will have to be paid back when back pay is received (I guess you cannot read?).”
    Who’s being naive, Kay?

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