Garrett Files cease and desist to stop Gottheimer’s lying ads

November 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hackebnsack NJ, Rep. Scott Garrett held a press conference to call out Democrat challenger Josh Gottheimer for forging government documents. Garrett for Congress legal counsel is drafting a cease and desist order to stop Josh Gottheimer’s broadcast of lies where he falsely claims that Congressman Garrett is under investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics. The document depicted in this ad is completely falsified and was created by Josh Gottheimer to perpetuate lies about Garrett. Again.

Fact sheet

Forged document created by Josh Gottheimer’s campaign

(Click Here to View Livestream of Press Conference)

Congressman Scott Garrett’s remarks, as prepared for delivery:

Thank you everyone for coming today. My opponent’s campaign has been devoid of policy discussions but full of name-calling. He has run a campaign of vitriol and nastiness. And now we have proof that he has run a campaign of deceit and lies.

An advertisement that was produced, paid for, and approved by Josh Gottheimer features a document that his campaign falsified. You might have seen the television advertisement that prominently says “Breaking News: Scott Garrett Under Investigation.”

Gottheimer then features a letter on the screen with a supposed investigation on the letterhead of the Office of Congressional Ethics. The only problem is, this document doesn’t actually exist. Josh falsified it, he forged it.

I have never received a letter from the Office of Congressional Ethics about an investigation—ever. And this isn’t a claim or an allegation, it’s a fact.

Josh created a fake government document so he could spread more lies.

This is a disgusting abuse of the influence he has as someone running for public office. My campaign is sending a cease and desist letter to televisions stations demanding that they remove this false advertisement immediately. But it shouldn’t have to come to this, Josh should know better.

To clear up how the ethics process works, any outside group or person can send their concerns to the Office of Congressional Ethics who reviews them for validity. If there is any legitimacy to the concerns, the Office of Congressional Ethics can conduct a full investigation, and makes public notice on their website, and sends a letter notifying the Member of Congress. In 2015, an outside group sent a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics making allegations against numerous House Republicans and Democrats

Not a single one of the allegations against me was ever deemed worthy of review.

Not a single allegation was worth pursuing.

Not a single allegation had any merit.

That was the end of it.

These kind of complaints are filed solely to get headlines and make political points. The exact opposite is true of the allegations against Josh Gottheimer who bought the silence of his victim, the one he assaulted and intimidated in his Washington, DC condo.

To understand why Josh operates the way he does, you have to look at where he came from. You see, in the world of Clinton politics—where Josh got his training—not only do you learn how to destroy documents, you learn how to falsify them too. I understand that there have been a lot of attacks thrown around in this campaign. And that’s because my opponent lacks the depth of policy knowledge that one needs to truly succeed as a leader in Congress.

Instead, he will lie to get what he wants.

So I’m calling on Josh, right here and now, to apologize to everyone he has lied to. Josh Gottheimer has received millions of dollars from his Clinton friends, Nancy Pelosi, and special interests. He should use that money to put an ad up apologizing to the people of New Jersey. Or better yet, how about spending the next six days stuffing envelopes with signed apologies.

As a matter of fact, I’ll give you a head start.

Feel free to come to my office and grab some envelopes to start your letter-writing campaign now.

I know Josh will spin this story by issuing a statement after this event, but here are the questions Josh needs to answer:

  • Why did you lie to the voters?
  • Why did you forge a government document?
  • And why should the people of New Jersey ever trust you again?

Jersey values are not lying or name calling to get power at all costs.

Josh has to answer to the voters about his continuous lies and this forgery.