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Glen Rock Council Votes No on Human Sacrifices ,and “Indigenous people day”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Glen Rock NJ, thanks to the efforts of the Italian America One Voice Coalition Glen Rock has backed off on ,” Indigenous people day ” . The Borough Council voted down the move Wednesday night by a 7-0 vote , ending weeks of unwanted attention and ridicule  .  The vote culminated an extended debate over the proposal.

The issue of ending Columbus Day , was pushed by the usual suspects at the  Community Relations Advisory Board or CRAB for short .

“We move on with a much better respect and understanding of all sides of the issue, including the significance of this holiday to our Italian-American residents and neighbors that often goes well beyond the man that it is named for,” Mayor Bruce Packers said.

Italian America One Voice Coalition said,”IAOVC prevailed last night! Columbus Day is saved in Glen Rock! We want to thank so many of our IAOVC Organization Members who sent representatives last night to support our defense of Columbus Day – it was an over-capacity crowd! This is the importance and power of speaking with ONE VOICE! Some came from long distances from throughout NJ and NY. THANK YOU for being there. IAOVC Executive Board Member Andre’ DiMino spoke on our behalf to lead off the opposition to this change, and was followed by others from Italian American organizations, Glen Rock and some who were not of Italian Heritage, but supported our position of defending Columbus Day. ‘

Mayor Packer felt his actions were misrepresented and spent most of the week defending himself on Facebook . On May 6th he said, “As I continue to get emails from residents regarding Columbus Day that include false information about my part in all of this I’d like to, once again, post some facts.

These are in response to what is said in emails that I’m receiving.I did not propose this change.Nobody on the council proposed this change.
I do not think such a change should be made at this time if it is not the will of the residents of Glen Rock.I am not a fan of political correctness as I think it serves to avoid important conversations that need to sometimes take place.

I don’t think we should avoid using terms like Christmas (yes this was the theme of some emails…regarding political correctness). I gladly tell all of my friends who celebrate Christmas, “Merry Christmas” and my friends who celebrate Chanukah, “Happy Chanukah.” I’ve never felt that one should avoid saying a holiday name. I stood before the council and advocated for a celebration of all holidays before I was mayor and have tried to make it happen as mayor. This year we had a tree and a menorah inside Borough Hall for the first time in all of the years that I remember, at my suggestion. I brought Santa back downtown in 2017 including having him taken away in a fire truck! We gladly celebrate both holidays in my home.
Don’t believe everything you read on social media. People who have never met me or come to a meeting make assumptions and presumptions about me. It is not true just because they say it is.
I truly appreciate every person who took the time to reach out to ask me about some of the above items to get the facts about me from me.”

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