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“Doomsday Plan” For Hudson Tunnel Failure

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Gottheimer, King Announce Bill Demanding “Doomsday Plan” For Tunnel Failure

What Do We Do When the Train Tunnels Fail and We Can’t Get In or Out of New York City?

Ridgewood NJ, Congressmen Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05) and Peter King (NY-02) announced their new bill to demand an economic estimate and contingency plan for the “Doomsday” scenario where one of the two North River Tunnels must be shut down beneath the Hudson River.

The North River Tunnels carry 200,000 travelers daily and are crumbling after damage from over 100 years of use and flooding during Superstorm Sandy. On Tuesday, the Regional Plan Association released “A Preventable Crisis,” a report outlining the catastrophic economic consequences of a tunnel being shut down.

The bill would require the Secretary of Transportation to publish a report within 60 days that explains (1) the effects to the economy of the United States in the absence of the Gateway Program if one of the rail tracks fails in the North River Tunnels under the Hudson River and (2) the Department of Transportation’s contingency plan in the case of a track shutdown.

“Today, Congressman King and I are announcing legislation to force the Administration to give answers for their ‘Doomsday Plan,’” said Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05). “Our bill, when will demand answers from the Department of Transportation on how will the economy work? How will people get into the city and back home? What is their contingency plan if a tunnel goes down?”

“These tunnels are a vital and irreplaceable conduit for our nation’s economy. Ensuring its maintenance, safety and reliability is a national concern and responsibility. It is too precarious a situation for human lives and economic devastation. A plan and answer is needed,” said Congressman Peter King (NY-02).

9 thoughts on ““Doomsday Plan” For Hudson Tunnel Failure

  1. Too bad the morons in nj elect weak senators like booker and menendez . It’s their job to bring home the bacon.
    Once they got elected they forget their constituents and have their nose up schumers ass toeing the democrap party line.

  2. Nothing like being late………………….should have had that before 911

  3. Christie (a Republican) killed the replacement tunnel.

  4. yes the tunnel to Macy’s basement, that NJ taxpayers were paying for the whole thing

  5. Problem is the costs of the tunnel are 12x other places in the world due to union costs, no show jobs, ridiculous environmental hurdles, and government payoff costs.

    secacus station was 6x budget, late, had controlled bidding, and ruined commuting from north jersey.

    Christie killed this when no one else would help pay for it, and he could not get the costs to a reasonable level.

    RW could not even build a town hall within budget, imagine a tunnel and the costs overruns.

  6. Christie killed the tunnel because NJ was getting screwed and being forced to pay more than our fair share.
    When Boston had their “big dig” to bury the central artery road, the Feds paid billions for it because they had ted Kennedy and tip oneil who brought home the bacon.
    When the democrat West Virginia senator wasn’t attending KKK meetings, he practically moved the federal government to West Virginia ,
    Booker, menendez , corzine, Bradley , lautenberg , and toricelli just suckered nnj voters and forgot about us upon arrival in DC.
    We need a “NJ First” attitude in DC .. If we elect an independent that senator can caucus with whichever party is in power . Simple

  7. NJ First? This sounds like America First. It is so racist and divisive. We are inclusive and shouldn’t be just an isolated island of trash. That’s why we have become sisters with California.

  8. If NJ First is racist that’s th dumbest comment I ever heard. Minoroties outnumber white in nj

  9. It was sarcastic. I thought it was clear.

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