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Governor Murphy orders New Jersey’s State Agencies to prepare for a State Government Shutdown

Phill Murphy -Sara Medina del Castillo

June 2,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Governor Phil Murphy’s administration put New Jersey’s state agencies on notice Friday that they should prepare for another state government shutdown if a state budget isn’t signed by the June 30 deadline.

In a letter to Murphy’s cabinet members, the Governor , asked them to update shut down contingency plans for their departments.

The letter :


5 thoughts on “Governor Murphy orders New Jersey’s State Agencies to prepare for a State Government Shutdown

  1. We should prepare for the state government shutdown the “Ridgewood way”: by setting up our chairs along the beach in front of the Governor’s house on LBI.

  2. Wait. What?
    Where is the liberal/democrat outcry over shutting down the government?
    Where is the news coverage?.
    Where are the protests and the hashtag-outrage?
    Oh right… the hypocrites only pretend to care about a government shutdown when it can harm Republicans.

  3. Can u say dirty dirty Business ,same old shit. Just new boss in a new suit,

  4. “To facilitate this review, the Governor directs each of you
    to submit updated plans describing the essential activities of
    your department, meaning those necessary to maintain the health,
    safety, and welfare of the citizens of the State, and to prevent
    the damage, loss, or destruction of property, if any. As you know,
    these activities should be limited and directly related to the
    preservation and protection of life, safety and property; the care
    of those in State facilities, hospitals, centers, and homes; child
    welfare; disease prevention and control; emergency and disaster
    response activities; transportation safety; the preparation and
    adoption of the State Budget; and similar activities.”

    Perfect – just operate that way all the time and we have a chance!

  5. I get the grandstanding part. Where’s the parade?

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