photo is the grassy knoll at the Ridgewood Train Station

May 26,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Facebook former council person Gwenn Hauck  said , “Any excuse not to build a garage – and paving over the most historic patch of green RWD I can think of for another parking band-aid!”. The hot topic of discussion has been the silly hullabaloo led by the usual suspects and a few uninformed residents and once again demonstrating the need for residents to pay far more attention to what is going on in the Village.

Wrong , the Garage plans are moving forward , as referenced by the Ridgewood blog on May 24th ,  .

The difference being that this garage fits neatly into the foot print of the Hudson Street parking lot and does not encroach on the street like the “Garagezilla ” pushed by the 3 amigos ie … Gwen Hauck, Albert Pucciarelli and Paul Aronsohn .

The plan to add spaces at the train station , by shrinking the medium ie… the “grassy knoll”  came from the Village engineer over one year ago . The very same “grassy knoll” we might add the the 3 amigos plotted the very destruction of the Village of Ridgewood ,by pushing the building of high density housing .

3 amigos

The latest nonsense from the 3 amigos and their supporters , spear headed by none other than the “clear cut ” Halaby’s , Yes the same Halably’s who pushes for a turf field and to clear cut all the trees at the  Schedler property even pushing to destroy the historic Zabriskie Schedler House. By the way Gwen the historic Zabriskie Schedler House is in Ridgewood in what used to be called the Glen School district .

Now suddenly after all these years a “grassy knoll” at the Ridgewood train station is of historic importance . The fact is most people in the village except a few commuters and farmers market visitors didn’t even know it existed.

This is the same “grassy knoll” that was inhabited by heavy construction equipment and a porto-potty for most of 2015  , yet not even a peep from the Halaby’s or any other objectors at that time .