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“Grassy Knoll” at Ridgewood Train Station to Add Parking Spots or Not to Add Parking Spots that is the Question ?

photo is the grassy knoll at the Ridgewood Train Station

May 26,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Facebook former council person Gwenn Hauck  said , “Any excuse not to build a garage – and paving over the most historic patch of green RWD I can think of for another parking band-aid!”. The hot topic of discussion has been the silly hullabaloo led by the usual suspects and a few uninformed residents and once again demonstrating the need for residents to pay far more attention to what is going on in the Village.

Wrong , the Garage plans are moving forward , as referenced by the Ridgewood blog on May 24th ,  .

The difference being that this garage fits neatly into the foot print of the Hudson Street parking lot and does not encroach on the street like the “Garagezilla ” pushed by the 3 amigos ie … Gwen Hauck, Albert Pucciarelli and Paul Aronsohn .

The plan to add spaces at the train station , by shrinking the medium ie… the “grassy knoll”  came from the Village engineer over one year ago . The very same “grassy knoll” we might add the the 3 amigos plotted the very destruction of the Village of Ridgewood ,by pushing the building of high density housing .

3 amigos

The latest nonsense from the 3 amigos and their supporters , spear headed by none other than the “clear cut ” Halaby’s , Yes the same Halably’s who pushes for a turf field and to clear cut all the trees at the  Schedler property even pushing to destroy the historic Zabriskie Schedler House. By the way Gwen the historic Zabriskie Schedler House is in Ridgewood in what used to be called the Glen School district .

Now suddenly after all these years a “grassy knoll” at the Ridgewood train station is of historic importance . The fact is most people in the village except a few commuters and farmers market visitors didn’t even know it existed.

This is the same “grassy knoll” that was inhabited by heavy construction equipment and a porto-potty for most of 2015  , yet not even a peep from the Halaby’s or any other objectors at that time .


19 thoughts on ““Grassy Knoll” at Ridgewood Train Station to Add Parking Spots or Not to Add Parking Spots that is the Question ?

  1. 1400 commuters a day, 20 new spots. What’s the point. It doesn’t materially make any difference in the real issue

  2. As person at mic said at last council meeting: commuters are also pedestrians. They walk to the train station. It is dangerous to remove the medians , grassy knolls, it will flood during heavy rain, it’s ugly having all concrete. it will discourage farmer market customers. It is flat -out dangerous for everyone who walks and parks.

    The engineer Rutisheiser has comsistently poor ideas for Ridgewood. The bike lanes under the trestle were his idea and removing the bus station at Van Neste and putting it on west side is his wish/idea. He is a dope. And it is negligent of the council not to fire him. although I did vote for Knudsen and Sedon, so don’t go shitting that I am a Harwin willett supporter. UNFORTUNATELY the competition against Sedon and Knudsen were unacceptable. No one decent ran. By decent I would mean parking decks not a garage, no taking away islands at train station. Removing bike lanes. Fixing pot holes ASAP. Getting rid of Rutisheiser and hiring an engineer with an engineers mind.

  3. people can walk on the side walk where they should be walking

  4. I do pay attention and I appreciate your vey informative posts but 20 spaces for compact cars is not a solution, We are putting in a garage in the area and I think to add another bad Chris R. idea to the mix is not in the town’s best interest. He of Garber Square and the Bike Lane.which desperately needs remediation.

  5. If grassy knolls are removed it makes cars to close to sidewalk they will be over the sidewalk. I have to see the design , but grassy knolls accomddate a lot of walkers to and from cars and to and from farmers marktet.

  6. Chris R. Needs to go and Heather has zero control over him.

  7. Keep the grassy knoll there is no need to put asphalt everywhere. Besides the village is going to build a garage one block away.

  8. This would be a huge expensive avoidable Pedestian walkways should be a priority for the town.Station is dangerous enough today .Get a life ..hands off Green areas.

  9. keep the grassy knoll. dump the rutishsuaeer. he is truly a moron.

  10. I have a question? Where did that area ever get the title of “knoll”? Doesn’t a “knoll” refer to a hilly or sloped spot?

  11. 8.35AM. Totally agree.

  12. SUSAN KNUDSEN ARE YOU LISTENING TO RESIDENTS? READ COMMENTS ABOVE AND TAKE ACTION!!!!! “The engineer Rutisheiser has consistently poor ideas for Ridgewood. Getting rid of Rutisheiser and hiring an engineer with an engineers mind. Another bad Chris R. idea to the mix is not in the town’s best interest. Chris R. Needs to go and Heather has zero control over him. Dump the Rutishsuaeer. he is truly a moron.”

  13. DUMP RUTISHAUSER. RECALL VOIGT. Get rid of the filth at Village Hall.

  14. we need more parking at the train station sacrificing a bit of crab grass is an efficient and simple solution to pick up a couple of spaces , clear cut Halaby et all wanted to build a Garagezilla, and clear cut Schedler Park give it up already

  15. it’s the 53O to 7 pm exodus and the 645 am to 730 am peak that requires that the walkway .safe and neutral
    ground with no automobiles and bicycles running you down to make some internal deadline.emphysis Dead.

    leave it alone please .I am there every morning and evening 50 Weeks a year.

  16. Garden State Plaza is not filled with grassy knolls and neither is Paramus Park. Or any parking lot for that matter. Watch where you are walking. You can manage.

  17. 8:06 comparing giants stadium parking lot size vs a narrow one way Loop circuit lane with parking stalls
    at 45 and 90 degree stalls is not quite a valid comparison it’s a back up dangerous operation every evening
    as Parkers try beat train discharge traffic .lets ask why is even 15 to 20 compact spots so important to risk
    commuter safety each morning and evening .?

  18. 806 – excellent analogy. that is what our downtown is going to look like, a disgusting mall.

  19. Last evening Friday June 1 at 6 pm I saw a commuter in a motorized wheel chair exiting the northbound platform ramp near the train house then safely crossing in front of the train house towards the red brick ramp path up the center of the grassy knoll safety area towards the whole foods side of the station.

    why are we even considering for addition of less than 20 compact cars are we planning on changing the layout of the safety zone for all commuters ..when it snows up there the open space is critical to manage the
    pedestrian about fixing the flooding roadways as clearly there are clogged rain drains that are never repaired.1000 to 1400 bucks a year seems like the real reason for out of towners zooming in and out of that riush hour racetrack.ITS HAZARDOUS TODAY

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