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Graydon Pool: Green flag, yellow flag , red flag

Green flag, yellow flag , red flag

July 27,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Marcia Ringel of Preserve Graydon ,the  Summer weather is quixotic. How do you know when Graydon has been temporarily closed because of thunder or lightning?

Look for the flag: red means closed, green means open, as at the Shore. A yellow flag means that Graydon is open provisionally; patrons should be prepared to leave in case the predicted bad weather strikes. (No rip tides.)

Notification of closure due to weather was requested at a Village Council meeting by longtime resident Boyd Loving, and the village followed up with the flags. Maybe in the future the triggering of the lightning detection system could be connected to the website? Or sent automatically to members via email? On the wish list.

6 thoughts on “Graydon Pool: Green flag, yellow flag , red flag

  1. After we sent the announcement above, members were indeed notified via email that Graydon would be closed on Monday, when bad weather was expected. Progress!

  2. Does the brown flag go out when the water is full of geese poop?

  3. Hilarious !

  4. our road are completely at Red flagged status..both locals and county
    roads are a disgrace despite the hyped planned repaving projects..We are
    so behind in road rebuilding and the large dump trucks are not helping
    the situation with housing projects and just wair until Hudson Street Garage project excavation and large prefabricated Ramps and concrete as well as steel takes over the commercial district .oh let’s destroy the train station to milk more cash from the VIP High Cash Parkers whoby the way don’t drive in compact cars .Another Fail.We pay the invoices taxes for fail as well,

  5. The pool is lovely this year. The water is crystal clear. In the deep end (12 feet deep) a lifeguard recovered a person’s sunglasses that had dropped to the bottom. Love Graydon so much. And the flags are helpful. No complaint about that minor addition.

  6. There is always one misinformed a-hole denigrating the town jewel – aka Graydon.

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