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Reader says I know plenty of people at the pool this summer who want it open in September

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How do you know there is no demand for Graydon to be open weekends in Sept. until summer ends. around Sept. 21.

I know plenty of people at the pool this summer who want it open in Sept.

It could be a PART OF THE POOL that is open. Not espensive for one or two lifeguards.

There is a demand and a big one for Sept. weekends.

As for that handicapped ramp. No one uses it. The kids play on it. And that is dangerous. Climbing the bars.
No wheel chair has ever rolled down that ramp into the deep water . And that is a good thing. The wheel chair denizen would have drowned. I am at Graydon everyday and I see on one uses it. No one walks down that ramp either . It is slippery.

In Allendale at Crestwood they have moveable rubber MOBI Mats for crippled people and they work excellently.

That is what we wanted what I wrote a letter about in the Record and spoke about at town meetings. But Aronsohn gang won out.

Believe me folks, no one uses that ugly ramp. I know because I am at Graydon everyday.

Also concrete area around ramp is uncomfortable on your feet. not soft like sand.

6 thoughts on “Reader says I know plenty of people at the pool this summer who want it open in September

  1. You can’t have one or two lifeguards. You need a full staff.

  2. So get a full staff of lifeguards, IF that is REALLY TRUE. Charge extra admission for the two or three weekends if need be.
    Hey, residents will do anything to keep football going and all the other sports.

    As for bacteria in the wa wa , water, it is checked at least twice a day for the dangerous kind, E-Coli, just as oceans and rivers are checked for E Coli; and I don’t know for certain, but I just wonder, like everyone else I have a right to wonder, if kids nowadays are kept too clean and they dont have the necessary bacteria to keep them from getting allergies, asthma, ADD even maybe autism even. In my day over seventy years ago, you never saw all that stuff. And I don’t believe eating yougurt or any probiotic is going to make up for Mother Nature’s bacteria in your gut. Hey, just my opine.
    But I grew up on the west coast playing outside in wooded undeveloped areas and in ocean and bay with pets unleashed, and raising parakeets, with bird shit. and hell I am just fine thank you very much. I LUVS Graydon.

  3. Oh the good old days I love it nowadays we have real shit storm

  4. The ramp is legally required and we don’t call people crippled. Can tell by your comments what an old bigot you are. They have enough trouble getting members for the summer. September not necessary for people like you with nothing else to do. SKIP….

  5. wrong , just another screw up by Paul Aronsohn & co , the mobi chair is used in Alledale and is ADA compliant, the current ramp was over budget and is dangerous and no one uses it ever

  6. I’d be there every damn day after school with my kids.

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