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Harwin Spent Over $40K in her Failed Village Council Bid

August 9,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, According to the final report Alexandra Harwin submitted to the NJ State Election Law Enforcement Commission, she spent $40,135 on her campaign.

Check out the listing of donors.  Quite an eye opener.

Ridgewood residents who made cash donations identified on official reports were:

Halaby, Rurik – $800

Pollock, Michael – $396

Vagianos, Paul – $500

Weitz, Evan – $500

Wilday, Gabriella – $500

Winograd, Siobhan – $500


18 thoughts on “Harwin Spent Over $40K in her Failed Village Council Bid

  1. A loser supported by a gaggle of losers. What could be more fitting.

  2. Hmm. No big money received from Paul, Gwenn or Albert? Cheapskates.

  3. Really, does anyone care how much Harwin spent? She is history. How about focusing on the millions this VC is throwing left and right and not doing what they’re supposed to do?

  4. Ok she lost.
    Please return the teeth to Morton Downey Jr.

  5. Granny wienburg looks like she’s losing it.

  6. Your right Truth. This is just a distraction. What about the price tag for the library. Does anyone know how much we have bonded or are going to bond ?

  7. So everyone spun the election into false narrative that she was backed by the three amigos. But they didn’t even donate. And who cares about the past, you peopleare focused on the wrong things. Listen to the person above where our VC …is spending spending spending

  8. Morton Downey … good job !

  9. But Hillary But Hillary!! LOL…..

  10. nice to see who funded this bigoted and divisive campaign

  11. 7:28 and 7:30 shame on you. it’s absolutely sickening to read comments like this.

  12. Move along. She had the guts to run. She lost. Focus on back channeling VC.

  13. To all of you who think we should move on….you are dead wrong. We learn from the past. Harwin was heavily funded by her own grand fortune and the money of many out-of-towners. And even if Hauck, Pucciarelli, and Aronsohn’s names are not on the donor list, they were outspoken advocates for her. She was nasty, beyond nasty, racist, divisive. She sanctioned that horrific mailing from Hans Lehmann. She was a disaster. We must never forget that she tried so hard and spent so much. Thrilled that she lost, but still, she did get a bunch of votes.

  14. They were very careful not to donate. They keep their names out of things like this. Let’s not make naive conclusions.

  15. A candidate whose name will live in infamy.

  16. Imagining whom Aronsohn is grooming for 2020. Make no mistake, this will happen. Knows he is detested and remains behind the scenes now but he is out there.

  17. The money she spent is now irrelevant, and we can even be a bit gleeful that money didn’t buy the election. The money the council is spending is not. How can they be legally so out of control? They are in a horse race (blinders especially included so they can only see forward) to see who can come up with the best ideas to spend money the fastest.

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