January 13,2018

From a concerned reader of The Blog:

Ridgewood NJ, Aronsohn and his little puppet Voigt are sending stupid letter after stupid letter to the Ridgewood News. Let’s sing the praises of Tim Cronin. Let’s applaud the CRAB. Let’s slam a citizen for speaking his mind at a Council meeting. Let’s slam another citizen. Let’s just keep getting our names in print week after week after week. They criticize The Blog even though they post on in themselves, anonymously of course. They have the same “MO” – which is “let’s meet for coffee, so I can talk to you off the record where no one can hear what I am saying and I will pressure, harass, or humiliate you, or will attempt to coerce you into doing something to benefit ME.”

Good Lord, Aronsohn has an ethics violation against him along with the fact that he is PRIME SUSPECT #1 in the killing of Mike Sedon’s job with the Staten Island Advance, he lost his cool at countless VC meetings, he lambasted fellow council members relentlessly, he interfered with citizens’ letters to the editor, he manipulated the Ridgewood News stories, he blocked citizens from seeking signatures on a petition, he publicly humiliated citizens who spoke at meetings, he pushed the high density housing through, he lies and he lies and he lies . . . . .

Paul_Aronsohn_theridgewood blog

And then we have his disciple Voigt who has gone wild at many public meetings, screaming at fellow council members and at the Village Manager, who publicly claimed he knows more about the law than Matt Rogers, who had charges pressed against him for harassing citizens, who himself pressed charges against one of the council members, who regularly gets his shills to come to meetings and read scripts that he has authored, who feels that a citizen has no right to conduct and Open Public Records Act request (even though he conducts them relentlessly himself), he lies and he lies and he lies . . . .

Haven’t we had ENOUGH of these two???? Neither is any good for Ridgewood. Never were. Never will be.