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He Who Promotes High Density Housing Does Not Get to Complain About its Effects

Reader says , “Don’t get too mad at her, she probably doesn’t even have the self awareness/common sense to understand the consequences of what she and the garage/high density crowd have done. Tim Whiting is another, loud garage supporter who now complains about how high the annual parking fees are. He also recently struggled to understand the difference between motivational banners for the football team and the “proper message for students”. Birds of feather…”

8 thoughts on “He Who Promotes High Density Housing Does Not Get to Complain About its Effects

  1. the new 2019 yearly commuter parking pass increases
    are nothing more than extortion. how predictable…create a crisis and tax your way out of your cost overruns..None of the VC BUYS A FULL COST PARKING of let them –
    that’s us…eat old cake…

  2. The increased parking fees are to pay for the new garage, pure and simple. No other explanation for them. The new parking garage is to cater to the new housing projects and restaurant owners who want the taxpayers to bail them out of their otherwise poor investments. Council never should have built the garage, shouldn’t raise our taxes and parking fees to do so and shouldn’t pander to the real estate interests.

  3. We can complain about the total inability of our current Council to do ANYTHING but spend until we are blue in the face. The fact is THEY DON’T CARE! I, personally can’t believe that they would stoop so low as to sell their votes, but the money trail leads directly from them outwards to all the useless, unnecessary and unfair monetary decisions they have made. Raising everyone’s parking rate to build a garage to support the housing that should never be being built. Ignoring the fact that the neighboring towns have been meeting to find some way to reduce their assessments to meet the court’s decision. Do you think they are really satisfied with Ridgewood’s decision to hire a “water expert” to tell them they actually underpaid? But we have to rush quickly to spend THEIR money on our new water building? Are the majority of our council members actually insane or are they trying to pretend insanity so they can’t be held responsible for any decisions they make to throw money away? I am truly beginning to wonder.

  4. STRONGEST CASE Made repeatedly ..Recall them ALL.


  5. Woulda, shoulda, coulda! All these monstrous changes are fast becoming reality. NOTHING anyone of us can do. WC does not give a sh!t. They are enjoying their chairs while it lasts. They don’t care if they’re not reelected. In the meantime keep hating on Aronsohn so that you can feel better. We went from bad to worse.
    DEAL WITH IT. We are harvesting what we sowed with our vote. We deserve our local government. Ridgewood is quickly dissappearing .

  6. Don’t complain about the price, at least all of the commuters have parking. No one wanted to walk two blocks so now we have a garage and 30 more spots and increases to meters and passes. What did you think was going to happen. Residents elected them and now you regret the decision. Now you want them to help with the BOE budget. Oh wait you don’t trust them anymore? Maybe the angry FB friends can save the day for everyone and make it all go away. Jeff and Harwin are starting to look good… Haha

  7. Jeff and Harwin look good to Jeff and Harwin. That is it

  8. They will never look good. Ever

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