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Here Comes the Hudson Garage

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Ridgewood NJ, Mayor Hache gives us a rundown on the Hudson Street parking garage . According to the Mayor ; Parking in our Central Business District continues to be one of the most important issues for our residents, employees and business owners. 

We made tremendous progress in 2018 towards building a garage on Hudson Street. While the process took a bit longer than expected, I am very pleased with the direction the project took. We listened to the concerns of our residents, the recommendations of our experts, and have scaled down the design of the garage to 255 spaces in a structure that fits within the footprint of the existing lot and the character of the surrounding structures. The design, by Epic Management Inc., provides the best balance in terms of fit, value and functionality. We also worked with the Planning Board to declare the existing Hudson Street lot as an area in need of redevelopment which allowed us to engage and negotiate directly with construction companies. As a result, we were able to negotiate and save $2.6 million in construction costs and avoid $500k in additional design costs. We explored many different options and spoke to a wide range of contractors from companies that build parking structures for NJ Transit to companies that build large scale structures for the private sector. 

Residents had the opportunity to attend presentations and discussions regarding the evolution of the project. Construction is expected to begin in late spring and should last 9 months. During the construction phase, commuters who have purchased the yearly Hudson Street parking pass will not be able to access the lot. We will be providing the affected commuters with transportation to and from the station and their home through a ride-sharing app.

Design highlights:

  • 255 parking spaces
  • 3 stories with open fourth level
  • All parking is head in, 90 degree, with no parallel parking
  • Stall dimensions: 8′-6″ x 18′-0″
  • All parking within the structure is on flat areas

10 thoughts on “Here Comes the Hudson Garage

  1. What Bullshit

  2. Get over yourselves, it’s here.

  3. i hope it eventually looks as good as the picture

  4. Thanks, Capt Obvious. It’s here thanks to you and the politicos in the pockets of the CBD overlords, Chamber of Commerce and the Ridgewood Guild. When they are long out of business, the Ridgewood taxpayers will continue to be paying for it.

  5. It will be over budget and under utilized for sure

  6. NEW SLUM-Dog center of the crime and take out drug dealing center of Bergen county.

    We can’t police a federal mailbox on a major street corner before 830 am /LOLuck with crime drive in/
    walk in drug dealing
    center near a Ridgewood NJT train station.

  7. The equivalent of the Springfield monorail.

  8. About time !!!
    Parking in the village is a nightmare.

  9. Thank you Mayor, Great job

    Can you please start working on the redevelopment of our town pool. It’s time for an update.

  10. might as well call it the Hudson County Politics Garage.

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