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Hoboken Activists Rally Against Menendez Corruption

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Hoboken NJ,  Calling him the disgrace of the Democratic Party, good government activists gathered Sunday, November 4, at 11:30am to rally in protest of the visit by formerly indicted Senator Menendez. Menendez who was unanimously admonished by the Senate Ethic Committee for bribery, fraud, and corruption was inexplicably chosen by the NJ Democratic Party to run for Senate. Perennial candidate for higher office, Senator Booker, who recently pressured Democratic law makers to change state law allowing him to run for re-election and president simultaneously in 2020, stumped for the embattled and morally corrupt Menendez.

“It’s ethically grotesque that those claiming to lament corruption in politics and rightfully condemning vote bribing crimes in Hoboken would then invite someone whom the Senate Ethic Committee unanimously found guilty of taking bribes among many other crimes,” said Joshua Sotomayor Einstein, NJ GOP State Committeeman from Hudson County, and a Hoboken resident. He continued, “every one of the event organizers who brought in Menendez knows the Senate will stay Republican on Tuesday meaning the NJ Senate election is about nothing other than NJ. Our Senate election is a referendum on blatant corruption; on one side is a bad government in which Menendez feels free to serve as the personal lackey and on the payroll of a criminal now in jail for defrauding Medicare of tens of millions of dollars; on the other is Bob Hugin, a former Marine and business leader.”

Menendez remains the only sitting Senator to be admonished by the bi-partisan Senate Ethics Committee. That committee, composed of 6 Senators, 3 from each party, made waves by universally rebuking Menendez for accepting illegal gifts valued in the millions of dollars and for lobbying federal agencies on behalf of his now jailed criminal associate, Salomon Melgen. Due in large part to Menendez’s documented personal history as the Senate’s most corrupt member, he was rejected by 38% of New Jersey’s most dedicated Democrats, the voters of the Democratic Senate primary election. It is the hope of all good government activists that Menendez will be retired from the Senate by the voters of New Jersey on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Hoboken Activists Rally Against Menendez Corruption

  1. The Rats that have steered clear of Menendez this campaign season will give him a big wet kiss if he wins tonight. Power wins over Principle.

    Those who vote for the criminal should never again complain about the caliber of people that hold political office. We had a chance to throw out the garbage today and we probably won’t.

  2. Sadly, the blinded-by-rage anti Trump crowd will vote for Menendez even though the two are comparably corrupt. You can’t cure stupid.

  3. Trump all the way in 2020, Bring it on Hilary, and you too big mouth rainbow flag boy. Yeah him.

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