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How to Become A Better Editor — Tips For Essay Writers

Ridgewood NJ, What does it take for one to become proficient at his craft? Everyone would agree that constant experience and exposure to tasks of increasing difficulty does the trick. But that can have a clause if the person in question doesn’t use the right tips and rules to address these tasks. It becomes a bit difficult when you set out to gain experience without the proper tools that will guide your progress.


In the writing world, it’s essential for one to look for new ways of improving his craft – be it the art of being a good editor or a prolific writer. Generally, as writers and editors, we are expected to get better at what we do, keeping in mind that consumer needs change over time. In this article, we would explore a number of helpful tips on how to become a better editor.

Tips – and more Tips

Editing is a wonderful job and an honourable task when done excellently. While it’s possible for people to perfect the craft over time, it’s way easier when you decide to do that while making use of thrifty tips. These tips are very helpful because they assist you in achieving the desired result within a shorter timeframe.

Let’s look at these tips in detail.

Using words that you can explain

Having the job of an editor means you have a very good command of words and their context of usage. By the context of usage we are referring to the ability to use appropriate word forms when needed and at the right frequency. A big error would be using big and difficult to pronounce words in editing simple fragments in a paragraph. Do not use words just for the sake of sounding advanced or learned. And be cautious not to use words out of context.

Relying on Spellcheck? Not advisable

Technology has made it very easy for everyone including the average writing essay service to just type words and watch them get autocorrected. Relying on spellcheck software can make an editor or even a writer become too lazy to learn the real spellings of words. It also makes them more prone to type carelessly. Careless typing with auto spellcheck doesn’t sound like a big deal until you have to work with a program that doesn’t have spellcheck options and you are unsure whether to write ‘center’ or ‘centre’. Revise your spelling knowledge constantly; you would need it when you least expect.

The Power of Outlines


Do you know that readers find it easier to follow when your train of thoughts is broken down into bits with the help of headers called outlines? Well, now you do. By default, someone reading your work would need to pause several times in order to connect the missing dots and get the whole idea. When you end up writing one long text without singling out any paragraph, your readers tire out easily and lose interest even before coming to the core aspect of the text. Always use your outlines when needed. You will be glad you did.

No duplicity

Here’s the thing: Shady business is frowned upon in any deal. The same applies to writing. Rather than being dubious in your work ethics, it’s best to work towards being more efficient and trustworthy. Remember that broken trust is very hard rebuilding; if you cannot carry out an editing task, it’s okay to admit. Do not start and disappoint halfway. Honesty has its rewards.

Precision and concise writing

A piece that hits the nail on the head without employing a barrage of meaningful but irrelevant words is one worth reading anytime. While it’s necessary to adhere to given word count limits, you should also be cautious not to make a point look too lengthy. You might end up confusing your readers rather than enlightening them on the theme in focus.

In conclusion, when you recognize the importance of your own work as an editor, you would work hard and give your best. It takes time and patience to become proficient, but it’s worth it at the end. There’s nothing as refreshing as a person who knows his craft well enough and does his work in a dedicated manner.

Jeff Blaylock is a freelance writer who enjoys researching on the best ways writers like him can excel at their craft. He believes everyone would always find something that works either way. He usually writes on techniques that work best for him.

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