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How to deal with stress during your freshman year of college?

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Every college graduate remembers their freshman year distinctively; mostly because they were excited about a new year in their life, the parties and all the new people they were about to meet, but also because they were nervous and scared. I had the same thing going on; the mixture of excitement, nervousness, and stress can break everyone, not to mention freshmen at college. The good thing is, you can always know that you’re not the only one feeling that way; other students, no matter how much of pretending they’re doing, feel the same. However, just because everyone feels like that, doesn’t mean it’s okay. People for some reason associate stress and nervousness with something good, while it can actually be terrible for you.

That is why I have realized that way too many freshmen students are dealing with anxiety, stress, and nervousness in silence, hiding and hoping no one will recognize. That is no way to start, and continue your studies, so here are some tips and tricks that can help you deal with stress, and get rid of it entirely in the first year of college. For starters, make sure to pay for essays online; trust me, that will save time and stress.

Stay open-minded

Stress and nervousness usually come when a person is dealing with something unfamiliar. And sure, college is a synonym for the unknown; new people, new classes, new studying material, new rules. Everything is completely and utterly new; which is especially scary. However, one thing you can do to alleviate the fear of the unknown is to stay open-minded.

You will be meeting all sorts of people, but don’t let that intimidate you. Be welcoming of every new person during your first year (and the rest of the college studies, of course), because the friends you make while first-year students will be there till the end. Sure, you may meet some awful people as well, but that is okay; they will just show you what kind of people you need to avoid and what kind of people you should appreciate. But, no matter way, make sure you are friendly and open-minded – that will make things easier for you so much more.

Stay organized

Okay, meeting new people is one type of stress, but having to keep track of all the classes, assignments, papers, exams and courses is a completely different story. The amount of stress first-year students experience when exposed to the new, college system and rules is terrible. Most of the students get overwhelmed, sad and even depressed; many of them also drop out because they just can’t handle the amount of obligations and things they’re required to do.

Well, here’s a tip on how to manage all of the college stuff like a pro; keep an agenda. Staying organized is the key to keeping the stress away; it will help you have control over all of your assignments and obligations, while also having time to socialize and enjoy your hobbies. You can also use smartphone apps if you don’t feel like carrying a planner around; do whatever suits you, but make sure to stay organized no matter what.

Eat and sleep well

If you were planning to eat ramen noodles every single day during your studies, well, ditch the plan. As a freshman at college, you need to focus on staying healthy , mostly because it is hard to go through the first year, even for the best of us. By keeping track of your meals and by avoiding sugary drinks, fast food, and alcohol, you can be sure to feel much more energized and focused. Those two things are extremely important in college.

Inadequate food will make you sleepy, slow and easily distracted. This can also make you feel stressed and nervous. College is the time you start being responsible for yourself, completely, so make sure to treat your body and mind with vitamins, proteins and all the other good, healthy food, and ingredients. Sure, you can have the noodles, the pizza, and a beer from time to time, but don’t make it a regular.

It is also essential to get all the sleep you can get. Lack of sleep can make you even more stressed and nervous than you should be; so, why make yourself go through all the torture of a sleepless night. Sleep is essential for your brain to process information and stay focused in the class and during the studying sessions. It regulates your metabolism and helps you stay healthy and in shape. So, feel free to miss out on a few parties and get some sleep.

Consult professors

Always ask for help. Your professors are there to guide you, provide additional information and explanations if there is something you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to schedule consults and discuss studying matter with your professors. There is no reason to feel intimidated; just make sure to respect your professor’s schedule and visit them during their office hours. You can also email them and discuss the course material or ask for some studying tips and recommendations.

Feel free to talk to your professors about your strengths and weaknesses; this will also help your professors know how to approach you and help you turn your weaknesses into strengths as well. Professors are there to point out the good and the bad things you do, so you can stress less and do more of the excellent work.

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  1. I wouldn’t be stressed out the first year I would be stressed out the last year no guarantee and jobs. So many people are fooled come out of 4 to 6 years of college. And they can’t find a job and they’re in debt for 400,000 great. There goes your credit. How about Sending your kid to a local business school, and buy him a franchise business at least you have something. I like to know the number of women that go to college graduate never used your degree because they got married and her husband is paying their school life isn’t that fun. What a waste of time and money. From what so I can walk around and say they have a degree, OK how is that helping them in life. If you’re going to spend a damn Money for schooling use it I’ll just put your certificate on the wall and look at it so I can collect dust. So stupid

  2. That pic is from 2014….great day …

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